Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Under the stairs reading room

Tee Hee :) My kids are sleeping in soooo late after our late 4th of July evening. I think I will snuggle in my bed so I don't wake them. And I've been wanting to post these photos anyway....

A month or so ago I pulled all the clutter out of the under the stairs storage. I added some blankets and baskets of books and called it a reading room. Then last weekend I was itching for a project that had nothing to do with cleaning, cooking, folding, playing with the kids or working out. (Since those 5 things seem to be the total extent of my summer thus far.) I planted a few flowers outside, then turned my eyes to the "reading room"

I started grabbing whatever I had in storage. The paper chains from Lydia's birthday. 
White lights from Christmas.

Part of a birthday banner.

(I want to plan an entire playroom based on this banner.)

Thought I'd frame this cute Etsy print I've had for a while. (Can't remember which shop now.) Found the yellow frame for a dollar at a yard sale. Cut up a pretty thank you note and rummaged through the "paper chain" paper for scraps. Look mom! I'm a scrapbooker!

Grabbed a sign from the Goodwill pile that never quite worked in Lydia's room.

If I could do this room exactly how I would like, I would do it in primary colors, totally gender neutral. But we aren't going to be in this house long enough for Collin to notice that it isn't boy friendly. 
He likes it fine. I threw in an Elmo pillow for good measure.

I love creative messes!

Cool handmade dry erase board and matching art piece from my handmade swap. Someday I will have them up by my desk, but for now, the kids can borrow them. Thank you Shannon!

View from the inside. If I was a little girl, I would want this as my room!

Oh wait. Lydia does.

All done. 

Now back to the cleaning, cooking, folding, playing with kids and working out. 

Except, I really have been wanting to do something fun with the study.....

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Ours was perfectly wonderful.


Shelly said...

Love it! I would want to curl up & read in there too!

Sara Lynn said...

That is seriously awesome! If I was a kid that would be the coolest thing in the world! Good job :)

Dee said...

I think that looks so awesome! I want one! :)

Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

too cute!

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

I'd recognize that print anywhere! It's from Katie Daisy's shop- The Wheatfield.


Loooove her stuff! You created the perfect nook. Well done :)

j.renee said...

I am in absolute love with this room. I think i am going to steal some of these ideas to try to decorate my kiddos room!

Kelli said...

That is beautiful. I wish it was my room, although I bet my hubby wouldn't fit.haha

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