Sunday, August 25, 2013


I had my c-section 11 days ago. It was not a good experience. I actually wrote a terrifically long post detailing all the little details of all that happened during my time at the hospital.

But it was just too much for me to put it all out there. So in a summery:

My surgery ended up taking a very long time due to excessive bleeding. My spinal started to wear off and I started to feel what was happening. I was almost put under, but they ended just in time. It was terrifying, and Shane was not able to stay with me past the point of the baby being born.

There is a bleed still occurring deep within my incision. My doctor had to open a hole and twice a day my mom packs it with gauze to help with the healing.

I'm in a lot of pain, and the thought of a open wound scares me to no end.

After my first catheter in the hospital, I lost the sensation of when I need to pee. This probably was caused by my spinal. A second catheter was placed to remove urine that I couldn't get out on my own.

This caused a UTI, which I still am getting over.

I still do not have the sensation to pee and have to remember to go. But actually peeing is very painful.

For some reason, I have lost much of my use of my right hand. This might have been due to the 9 times I was stuck when trying to place an IV. Currently I cannot write, cut my food, or anything that I need that type of hold. Diapering and dressing a newborn is especially hard. If you haven't received a thank you card from me, it's because my dominate hand does not work.

Typing is very slow.

On top of this, I just had a baby.

I'm tired.
My boobs are killing me.
I'm crying a lot.

But I have been so looked out for. Friends have offered food and babysitting. My kids work hard to play and occupy themselves without mommy. My husband is such a blessing to me and brings chocolate and cuddles. My mom has stayed to take on the job of nurse to me and babysitter to my other two children. I don't know what I would have done without her.

Most importantly,

I'm so in love with my baby girl.

So happy that I have a Heavenly Father who knew I would go through so much, and sent me a sweet, mild healthy baby who is such a comfort to me. She hardly ever cries. She sleeps at night until I wake her to eat. I hold her close, breath her in and think over and over again. Worth it.

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Not blogging a lot right now since I can't use my right hand very well. 
I'm better on my phone. 
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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Baby Shower for Me!

My friends, Robyn and Meredith, threw me the most darling shower. 

Meredith made everyone a paper baby bootie filled with candy in the same color theme as Elise's nursery. Which I will get around to showing you soon.

Yum! Eclairs are such a perfect shower dessert. Elegant and special. I still can't believe Robyn made these from scratch. (I don't purposely look for talented friends, but I'm always happy when I find them!)

Mini fruit tarts, basil-tomato-mozzarella appetizers, crab and artichoke dip. And an Italian Soda bar!

I have such good friends :)

On each of my showers I've photographed a pile of my gifts for the kid's baby books. 

Lydia is the only one who actually has a baby book,
 but at least I have the photos ready for the other two.

So many adorable goodies! It was a perfect shower. Thanks ladies! 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Look who's here....

Shane and I are so happy to introduce our daughter, 

Elise Juliet. 

6 pounds 6 ounces, 20 1/2 inches tall.

She's perfect. And we are smitten.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

All Packed! What's in the hospital bag?

Ahhhh! It's Monday afternoon and I have so much to do before I head to have this baby on Wednesday! Oh wait. No I don't. I've been a nesting freak for a week and I'm pretty much done. It helps to have some freezer meals put away, laundry done and a visit from a house cleaner this morning. A few finishing touches and the nursery will be done by the time I get home from the hospital. (That's up to Shane.) I've got a bassinet in my bedroom, a pack and play in the guest room (in case I have to head up there due to somebody's snoring.) Been typing up a list of "Grandma Notes" for my mom while she holds down the fort. 

Last thing I did was to check my hospital bag to make sure I have everything I need. I have to lay everything out to make sure I didn't forget anything. It's an OCD thing for me. I'm always interested by people's options on what to take to the hospital when having a baby. I'm having a c-section, so I'll be there a little longer than most. Here's what I packed:

1. Two very comfortable night gowns that open to nurse. I like white since you can bleach it. 

2. A light cardigan. I think a robe is a little much to take, but a cardigan can be a nice staple you can sleep and nurse in. 

3. Money for the vending machine. All ID's and insurance cards. Basically I just bring my wallet.

4. Clothes to wear home. A soft shirt and a pair of light yoga pants that I wore at 9 months pregnant so I know they will be gentle on my incision. 

5. Flip flops.

6. Fluffy socks.

7. A book. 

8. Small gifts for the nurses. (That's what's inside that little tan box. I have handmade earrings, small cards, a pen and cellophane bags. That way I can personalize them while at the hospital. I prepared for 5 nurses, but again, I'll be at the hospital about 4 days.)

9. Two nursing bras. One day time nursing bra for going home. The rest of the time I'll wear a uber-comfy nighttime nursing bra. They sell them at Motherhood. 

10. Disposable nursing pads. My milk comes in fast. 

11. A couple heavy duty maxi pads. They have some at the hospital, but they are gigantore, and too big to wear home. - I don't bring my own underwear. I personally like the mesh ones they provide and usually end up getting the nurse to give me several to take home. 

12. Video camera. 

13. Phone charger and phone.

14. Sleep mask and ear plugs for when the nurses take the baby to let me sleep. 

15. Wisp brushes - for a quick teeth cleaning without having to get up. I throw up after delivery, so this is a must for me. 

16. Face towelettes. Again, a way to refresh without getting out of bed. 

17. My own toiletries - face wash, soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Lip balm, toothbrush, deodorant, hair bands. (My make up is not photographed.)

18. Baby nail clippers. I wished I had this with my last baby since they didn't have any available. 

19. Coming home clothes for the baby. I have two outfits. A newborn and a 0-3 months. My doctor thinks the baby will be small, so I want to have both options. Also baby socks and baby gloves. 

20. Muslin baby blanket. Good for a little extra coverage with nursing and to tuck around baby on the way home. 

21. Burp cloth. 

22. Snacks. A few things to snack on when meal service isn't available. I actually made some of those scotcharoos last week and froze them to take with me. Yum. 

23. Not photographed - my own pillow (A MUST), laptop and my nursing pillow. 

What do you think? Am I missing anything that you loved having at the hospital?

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Friday, August 9, 2013

InstaFriday #43 - C-Section vs Natural delivery?

Ok ladies. (and the three guys who read this blog). I'm freaking out. Like anxiety on crack. 
5 days til baby day.

Don't get me wrong. I'm so very excited to meet my baby next week. I cannot wait to hold her, smell that baby smell and know she is safely here.

But I am freaking out about the c-section.

When I hear about women who choose to have c-section to avoid a vaginal delivery, I feel like slapping the sanity back into them.

C-sections suck. I'm sure deliveries totally suck too. Obviously they do. But c-sections are just setting yourself up for months of pain. Months. There is no jumping up and getting back to normal. Months.

And it really really hurts. From the spinal to the first time you have to go to the bathroom, to the first time you actually try to get back to the gym. It sucks.

Remember the first time I saw myself naked after Collin? Hilarious. And it really hurt.

There are some good things about c-sections I will admit.

If they are scheduled you don't have the waiting game to deal with. No contractions. No labor. No pooping on the delivery table. No episiotomy. And your lady parts all stay intact.

But I'm still a little scared.

Any of you have both a c-section and a vaginal birth experience? Which did you prefer?


Let's focus on better things now, shall we?

Last Saturday I had a full "Day of Me!". Slept in late, then headed to the spa for a "Mom to Be" package. Prenatal massage (bliss), facial and mani-pedi. Enjoyed a quiet home and Cafe Rio while Shane busied the kids with a" fun with daddy day". (Don't feel bad for Shane. He flew to SLC last weekend for a guys trip of golf, off roading and grilling up man food. It was my turn.)

We had a date night at one of my favorite restaurant. At the end of our delicious dinner, our waiter brought out a flaming cotton candy cake. "Congrats on your baby!" he says. Wait. Is it obvious I'm pregnant?!?! I thought I was hiding it pretty well.

Did a little backyard camping. Well, Shane and the kids did the actual camping.
 But I joined them for s'mores. 

Twinkle lights are the perfect nightlight after the fire dies down. 

Best dad ever. 

The last thing to do on Lydia's summer bucket list was to have a family tea party. So I got out all my supplies.... and picked up a Lilly Jane six pack of cupcakes on the way to the spa. Complete with herbal ice tea, it was the event of the season. (My favorite part was the -guess the tea party thing-. Such as "what do you serve with clotted cream and rhymes with trumpet?" "What do you hold up on your hand when you drink and it rhymes with stinky?" Collin's question "what is pink and rhymes with (the four letter) F---?" ....."Cupcake!" Well, that doesn't really rhyme, but good try.

Lydia started school! It took an hour to decide on this outfit.
And this was the last "Shake it Up" backpack in Boise.
Princesses are SO out.

One little second grader found this in her lunch box on her first day of school. (Helped me deal with the guilt of putting her in school when it's still the beginning of August. I just have to keep telling myself three weeks of Fall break, and three weeks of Spring break.) P.S. Claire's is having a great deal on clearance right now. I stocked up on lydia's friends b-day gifts and stocking stuffers. Most stuff is a buck.

I had a baby shower! More pics of that, once I get around to actually looking them. 

I did get the peep toe shoes I was hoping for. :)

Saw a glimpse of my baby yesterday, the last until I meet her on Wednesday. My house is covered in the flowers from my shower, and Shane is home from his business trip and wrestling with the kids in the other room. It was a good day.

Happy Weekend!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

InstaFriday #42 - Almost there!

I'm a little late on InstaFriday today. Kind of behind on everything that isn't baby or back to school related. Lydia starts school next week and this baby is coming in 12 days!!!!! My stomach is officially stretched to capacity. I need to enjoy it. Last days of my last pregnancy. 

(My mom asked my sister "Why is Natalie always taking photos of herself in front of her bathtub?" Apparently she is unaware of the need for a mirror in a body selfie.)

We've been cramming everything we can into these last weeks of summer.

My failed attempt at pancake art. They were supposed to be targets. Lydia came in and said. "Yum! Pancake boobs! We should eat those with milk!!!"

Just got Lydia's "big sister desk" set up. (I stole her bookshelf for the nursery.) I'm thinking that my seven year old might be a wee bit spoiled.

Took her school shopping today. 
Yes. A little spoiled indeed.
(H&M has the cutest kids clothes!)

The best thing about being 9 months pregnant in mid summer is I'm completely buoyant! 

Went to see "Turbo" and totally cried. 

The kids aren't allowed to turn on the TV without permission, so when I sleep late, they have to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Sounds good to me! 

As long as it isn't with permanent markers.

My sisters, Molly and Emily, came to visit for a few days with their kids. 
No one knows what natural hair color any of us have anymore. 

Lydia decided Collin and Thomas needed to do a fashion show. In her clothes.

Molly distracted them with a little "Subway Surfer."

Headed to Eagle Island for an afternoon and enjoyed the sensation of my non maternity tankini cutting off my circulation. 

Worth it though. Everything is more fun with cousins. 

The house seems awfully quiet now that they've gone.

(Which I guess is okay since in TWO WEEKS, 
we will have brought a screaming baby home from the hospital!!!!)

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