Friday, July 29, 2011

Color Love

I do love colors other than yellow.

MUST do this for future playroom.
Lydia asks me almost everyday if we can do a lemonade stand. She just doesn't understand the concept of poor sales due to living on a cul-de-sac. Neighbors, I may be calling you to come buy a 25 cent cup one of these days.

Just bought this at the Gap for a sunset dinner cruise we are doing in Hawaii. Will be adding a tissue weight sweater. Can't go on a big vaca without new clothes. My mom taught me that nugget of wisdom. You can get it here, but just know, the top is HUGE. I had to have it taken in to stay up.

Think I could pull this off? Did purple ends once. But this is so much cooler.

Maybe I'm too old for that look. I turn 34 in a month. This is starting to get scary.

I may have to get myself this little wallet

With a matching necklace? I do always get something new to wear for my big day.

I could have a party and wear a cool hostess apron.

Or distract myself with other birthday plans. For Collin's b-day next year???

Of course...

Yellow is still my favorite.

Extending the doTerra Giveaway until Monday. Low Entries!


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Love that dress! And all of these colorful finds are pretty. :)

Unknown said...

i want that necklace!

Unknown said...

Not sure about the hair dipping but love everything else. You will look amazing in your new dress. I think it will go great with your skin tone,hair and eyes. :) My mom is getting ready to go on a Hawaii cruise in a month and has bought tons of new clothes and a similar dress. Thanks for the colorful ideas. :)

Candice said...

We would love to come and buy some of Lydia's lemonade, just call and we will be there with bells on. By the way we had our family pictures taken this weekend and I thought of you, because our color was yellow :)

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