Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My latest Time Suck

So you know how I was bumming a bit? Watching this series snapped me right out of it. At least for 15 minutes. They got it SO right. Watch in order.

And by the way, thank you for your nice emails trying to cheer me up after my cryptic "terrible day".

Why so sad? Well...

The people who we were supposed to purchase a home from decided all the sudden they could make more money if they rented it out. Did I mention it was the home of my dreams. And we discovered, with the interest rate right now, was completely in our price range. Yup. That totally sucked. It still feels like I've been dumped for some reason.

And then I got a terrible sun burn.

Then to cheer myself up, I made a homemade peach pie. I discovered it engulfed in flames 20 minutes into the cooking process. Not even the pan could be salvaged.

Oh. And then I got in a car accident.

(No injuries except a bit of whiplash.)

But other than that, things are great!

Really. Things are good. Just, losing that house broke my heart.

And breaking my car was sad too.

And my back looks like I visited the sun instead of just the water park.


I'm going to watch these videos again. 


Jana said...

LOL....watched the first one and I'm hooked.
xo Jana

Laurie said...

So sorry for all your bad luck. Maybe the sellers will smarten up and put the house back on the market.
By the way, watched the first video. Hilarious!

Martha said...

Sorry to hear about your bad luck day. I'm especially sorry about the house, its hard to let something go that you were so excited about. By the way thanks for your comment on my blog. LOL. It definitely made me laugh and miss you. Come visit soon!

Modern Crush said...

haha ive seen the first one, but I just watched the other three - so funny!!

Natalie, I am SO sorry to hear about all that!! I so admire your positive attitude tho! Totes.... lol, no but seriously, I am really glad you are ok. And as for the house, it simply wasn't meant to be. XOXOXO

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