Monday, March 30, 2009

Consignment day!

I've mentioned before that I love children's consignment sales. Why not buy high quality play clothes for the same price as cheap ones? The sale they have here is great - no rips, no stains- everything is washed- no gross thrift center smell. (I still wash my purchases as soon as I get home of course.) I couldn't get a babysitter so Lydia came along. She did so well, I let her pick out an outfit. Not too hard to guess...a really overpriced Ariel outfit from the Disney Store. I even tried to move it before she saw it, but that girl has eagle eyes for Princesses. I like the outfit she is sporting in these pics. Gymboree sweater and skirt for $8, gap baby doll tee $4. For that price, I didn't even mind that she started writing on her clothes with chalk. By the way, she isn't a genius. It was me who wrote her name. She can spell her name out loud, but can only write the "L" and "Y" before she needs help.

Even though she just turned 3, most of what I bought was 4-5T. This girl is so dang tall! People ask me if she is starting kindergarten soon. :)

My purchase of the day was this little baby album I found still in the wrapping. For $2 I thought it was pretty cute. When I opened it at home, I saw the $64 price tag. I thought it was a joke. Then I saw it was a Maude Asbury and realized I totally scored. (Seriously though. Who pays $64 for a small fabric baby album?)

love me a good favorites swap...

Want to join in?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Gift for Baby

Last Christmas I was at a total lost as to what to get my new niece Lucca. At only 6 months old, there isn't a lot to get a baby that they can enjoy. I bought something cute for her to wear, a nice personalised Christmas ornament for her to keep, but really, those are gifts for her mom to get excited about. I decided to make her a little sticker "tummy time pad". Lydia and I spend a lot of time putting stickers on paper. She likes doing it and it isn't very messy, so two bonus points there. I hit the scrap booking store and picked up some cute baby friendly stickers, some card stock and we were good to go. I gave Lydia full reign over what stickers she wanted and where to put them. The only thing that I did was spell out "To Lucca" on the page. When Lydia was finished, she drew a little picture on the back as her signature.

All I had left to do was get it laminated (Hard lamination, not that flimsy stuff). Voilà! A something colorful for baby to look at and totally durable to drool, chewing, crawling and all else that babies can inflict. My sister in law told me that Lucca LOVES her Tummy Time pad. Not only does she stay on her tummy to look at it, but at night she requires it to be tied to the crib so she can fall asleep touching it! How that for the perfect gift? Fun, heartfelt, something she can keep forever and....totally cheap. How many things can you say that about?

How cute is this baby?! I want one. Wait, I'm getting one!

P.S. My family may recognise the little stuffed animal that Lucca is holding. It is Lou Lou! Lydia's very best friend. Actually, I found a new Lou Lou just like Lydia's and sent it to Lucca as a welcome home from the hospital gift. Funny that she would choose it as her lovey too. I am thinking there might be some issues this summer when she comes to visit and Lydia sees that Lucca has a Lou Lou too.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Not the beer. Just the commercial. Wouldn't it be great if companies that grew broccoli had the kind of advertising budget of beer commercials? We might be a nation of thin people!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Year for the Sisters

This is a really busy year for my family. How busy you ask?.....
  • Emily had a her first baby on March 6th.
  • Molly got married on March 14th with a reception in Spokane just around the corner. This photo was taken 30 seconds before she left on her honeymoon.
  • I am having my second baby around the first of June.
  • Abby just announced that she is almost 5 months pregnant with her first, due August 23rd. (Congrats!!!!)
Could someone please head over to my parent's house and administer oxygen to my mother? Luckily my brother Zac seems to be having a pretty laid back year. Mom -this time last year all of us sisters really did think we would be able to make it home for your 60th b-day. I hope you can just accept three new grandchildren (and a new son-in-law) instead :)

My bad! I awarded the Paisley Lane Giveaway a little early. Should have read my own fine print. Thought it would only be fair to award a second prize. And the randomly selected winner is..... Lauren (from Bryan and Lauren) Congrats! Email me your address and I will get you your prize.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Loving My Baby Bump

Last week at church a women walked up to me and said (imagine your best Paula Dean accent) "Well hon! You've just popped out like a red ripe tomata now havn't ya?!" I guess that means I am officially showing :)

I have to say, I really am liking my new body for the time being. I already have the stretch marks from last time, so no reason to stress about that. My thighs....well, that is what the treadmill is for. I don't think that I am going to make my goal of gaining less than 25 lbs. I am 30 weeks and I've gained 20. I expect at least another 10 but I am trying to keep it all in stride. I actually feel great. A few mood swings here and there, nothing crazy. I still make it to the gym 3 days a week, but I can feel my body slowing down. And let me tell you, I look pretty hot in my hip hop aerobics class dancing to Single Ladies and Womanizer. :)

What I learned from my last pregnancy is that no matter how hard it is to sleep, I will still get more sleep than when the baby gets here. No matter how painful the baby's kicks are, they are less painful than the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding. No matter how annoying it is to rush to the bathroom 20 times a day, it is better than trying to move at all after a c-section. I am in no hurry to get this part over with. Of course, ask me again this time next month....

The Winner of the Paisley Lane giveaway is...Annie who said "I like the summer evening earrings and the genevieve set." Congrats! Email your address and I will get your package sent out!
Don't forget - I am still giving free shipping with any two Paisley Lane purchases and a free pair of earrings with every purchase. Two pairs for any orders over $40. Keep checking back...more giveaways soon to come!


Simply AnonyMom said...
That is a very beautiful "belly pic"
Jennifer said...
I'm jealous of your beautiful baby bump. Fingers crossed that one of these days I will have one too! Love your blog.
Ann On and On... said...
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just became a follower... I love the feel of you blog and look forward to your posts. Thanks! You look wonderful with your baby bump and you have a realistic and healthy outlook.
kristi lee said...
Gotta love a great southern analogy.
kristi lee said...
Oh, you don't need a bumbo because I have one that I hardly used. We get more use out of it now with the boys getting themselves stuck.
Life with boys... said...
Natalie, you look gorgeous!
simply kris said...
sayingitsimply has an etsy shop... but we have been taking a break since the holidays and My SIS is prego... :) what are you looking for? I'm so glad you stopped by today. AND You are beautiful. congrats on the baby.
simply kris said...
are you on FB? I am currently in a contest and i need some votes... let me know if you'll help!!!! thanks nat.
Sarah S said...
Thanks so much for your comment. You looks absolutely fantastic...I wouldn't worry about the baby weight at all!
Misty said...
You look great!
Are You Serious! said...
♥ you're adorable! I want a cute baby bump like that! :)
Gilbert Family said...
you look GREAT and I am impressed with only gaining 20 lbs so far. I wish I could say the same thing. I am at 35 1/2 weeks and I have already hit the PLUS 30 pound weight gain. I don't want to think of how much more I will gain these last few weeks :( I'm close though so I won't complain! I received my earrings in the mail and they are beautiful...thanks for the fun giveaways!
Julie said...
Wish I had looked that cute preggers!
Kandi said...
Love your picture! I am in the process of getting your package ready to mail. Sorry it has taken me an extra week! I vote YES on the Bumbo. We bought ours for our, now 3yr old and used the same one for our 8m old. We love it. We never bought a hairchair--just used the bumbo, took it to resturants and when ever when went out. Just have to watch them while in it.
jenjamin said...
ahh you look too cute. It makes me want another... oh my that would make 6 :) I am excited for you!
Madeline and Family said...
I think you make a very pretty pregnant woman. You look so perfect. How can you beat that?
xcdenke said...
You look AMAZING!!! It makes me miss being pregnant.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have been craving yellow lately. Like pregnancy craving it. At all times I want chocolate (the candy, not the color) and yellow. All I see around me are people carrying fabulous yellow leather bags and wearing this sunniest of colors. You may have noticed me mentioning it a bit. Like how I am decorating with yellow, and how I am coveting yellow wares. Oh, and my new blog color scheme.

The other day I was shopping with my friend Kristi and she was witness to the yellow madness. At one point we walked into the Gap and I immediately saw this little number. It was the only yellow in sight and it was perfect. Perfect arm length, tissue weight, only one my size. I picked it up, turning it over in my hands. I looked at Kristi and in the true spirit of friendship she simply said "Speeding freeze." Crap. I really want this. And a few other things....

This could work as a diaper bag right?

Of course, this purse actually is a diaper bag. Hmm, I may just have to add it to my Target baby registry.....

Oh.....Born sandals. My very favorite summer accessory. And every new mom needs the most comfortable shoes available, right?
And really, it makes no sense that these aren't currently in my closet. Yellow Vans. Hello? Summer staple.

And I don't want Lydia to feel left out of all the fun......

And let's not forget there is a baby on the way....

Then there are the family photos we will need to take. Lydia can match the baby in this dress....

So that means Shane will need this shirt to compliment the kids....

Which means I had better just buy that yellow cardigan from the Gap before it sells out in my size!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Springtime Lydia Day

One thing I have learned since living in Tennessee is that when Spring hits, spend every minute you can enjoying it. Before you know it you won't be able to leave the confines of your air-conditioned home. Last week had some of the most incredible weather. I thought it was about time for another Lydia day. (You will probably have to click on the collage to see any of our activities in any detail.) After taking Lydia to yoga class, we had a picnic at the park, along with a treat from the ice cream man. We spent some time smelling the flowers and picking the dandelions. I took Lydia to pick out a new pair of shoes and her very own soccer ball. She starts YMCA soccer pretty soon. We practiced in the backyard and I was expecting her to trip all over the ball, but she must have picked up some athletic prowess from Shane because she rocked! I may have a little athlete on my hands.

In the evening we enjoyed some strawberries and blueberries on the porch, waving at neighbors who walked by on their springtime jaunts. Then as a really special treat, I let her stay up later than usual to watch The Little Mermaid. - For the record, I loath Ariel. Lydia is obsessed and I am close to chucking all 12 of her Ariel books in hopes that I can go one night without reading them to her. Also, of all the Disney Princesses, Ariel is the worst. Immature, rebellious, she chooses to forever leave her world and family to be with a man she has never met. And the kicker....gets married at 16. Um, that might describe my worst nightmare for Lydia's future. Why can't she like Belle or Mulan? I could handle them. I can't believe I am even discussing this.

Anyway, the day was fabulous. We both had a great time. Check out the video to see a little glimpse into our day. Happy Spring!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Paisley Lane Giveaway - Making Room for Baby

Hey Tip Junkies! I awarded this a little early - but I think I will award a second prize since there were so many people who entered! Ends Thursday at Midnight!
I thought that I would have a hard time moving out of my jewelry "studio" to start setting up the baby's nursery. However, the nesting impulse seems to have taken hold and I am itching to get ready for baby number two. I am going to shut down my Etsy store and take a maternity leave :) When I start up again, I am going to showcase more of my higher end pieces. Thus being said, I thought it would be fun to clear out some Paisley Lane inventory. My last jewelry giveaway was such a hit, I am going to have another one just like it.

I am going to send one reader a personalized jewelry package - all pieces custom chosen for the winner. The package will include a necklace, bracelet and earring set, three pairs of earrings, and some surprises. Value over $100!

I am also having a fabulous sale at my Etsy Store. Not only is everything on sale but purchase two or more items and shipping is free. On top of that, every order will receive a free pair of earrings. If you have a color you are wanting, put that in the buyer notes and I will try to oblige. Otherwise I will just surprise you. Purchase over $40 and I will send you 2 free pairs.

There are 4 ways to enter:
· Take a look at the Paisley Lane store and list one or two of your favorite pieces. This will give me an idea of your style if you are the winner.
· For an extra entry, let me know that you are a subscriber/follower of Natalie's Sentiments in a separate comment.
· For an additional 3 entries mention this giveaway on your blog and let me know that you have done so in a separate comment. (I will factor the additional two entries in or you can mention it in three separate comments.)

I will announce the winner on March 27th. Good Luck!
Open to US residents only.

Happy First Day of Spring!

photos via decor8

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very Mini Vacation

So I am back from my sister's wedding in St. George, UT. This is only the second weekend I have spent away from Lydia, so even though I knew we were going to be crazy busy with the wedding, I wanted to squeeze in a few vacation moments all the same.

My first thought was to enjoy the (very long) flight over to Vegas. No child in tow...of course it would be enjoyable. I bought a book (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and Shane picked me up a bag of chocolate covered bing cherries. Everything I needed for some "me" time in the air. Unfortunately, I remembered very quickly how much I hate flying. I love (love) traveling. I hate (hate) flying. The combination of motion sickness and claustrophobia make any flight over a couple hours hellish. My first transatlantic flight when I was 17 still holds a place as one of the 5 worst days of my life.

By the end of the first leg I was completely nauseated (I couldn't even open the chocolates) and I was already finished with the book. It was a fun read, but for $14 for a paperback, I had really hoped it would last me over 3 hours. I was forced to pick up a few fashion magazines which really is torture to a 7 month pregnant women on a spending freeze. I was also further nauseated as I read over and over again that colored jeans are back. Oh please, can't we learn from any fashion mistakes? Teal jeans are never okay.

By the time I arrived in Vegas, I was trashed and it was midnight my time. My sister, Abby, and I had scheduled our flights to arrive the same time. Abby was worse than me. Sick with the flu, she looked like she was knocking on death's door. We could have (should have) just gone straight to bed.'s Vegas. :) We decided to hit the strip for a few hours. I love Vegas. It is so completely and utterly bizarre. Some of my favorite memories are road tripping with friends to Vegas for a weekend. Even without gambling, drinking...and all the other obvious things that happen and apparently stay in Vegas, it can be a great place to just get away. And nothing is hotter than a really pregnant women walking down the Vegas strip at night....oh wait. I mean anything is hotter than that :) - Did know that Cher performs at the Colosseum? There is an entire gift shop there totally dedicated to her. I was so close to getting Shane a glitter Cher t-shirt. What a totally awesome waste of money that would have been. (I really thought Cher was in a nursing home or something. Way to go Botox.)

Somehow we got ourselves up in the morning and headed to St. George. I had no idea how beautiful the desert could be in the springtime. It was comforting to be able to actually see the land stretching before us, instead of being so closed in as the South tends to make you feel. Instead of getting several hotel rooms for my family, my parents rented this amazing house set amongst the red desert rocks. As soon as I saw it I realized that we had made a mistake of making this only a weekend trip. We were so incredibly busy with the wedding, we didn't have time to just relax and enjoy the setting. What is a family vacation without some serious downtime to play cards?

The day of the wedding, I woke up before the sun was up and went for a swim in the private pool. It was like bathwater and I watched the sun rise over the desert through the rising steam. My swollen tummy made me unbelievably buoyant, and I almost fell asleep at one point. I could feel the stress washing away in the total silence. One hour of Zen in a new place can be so incredibly invigorating.

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride. I will post about the events next week along with some photos - once I make it though the 200 photos I snapped. I really hope I look better in the professional photos than the ones taken with my camera. I look exactly like a sack of potatoes in my brown maternity bridesmaid outfit :)

Congrats Molly and Wayne! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend!

Speaking of Weddings, the winner of the "Advice to the Bride Giveaway" is The Gilbert Family who said:
"If I could change something about my would be my mother in-law! No explanation needed :)" Awesome.
....If you haven't read the comments on that post, you are missing out. Some great (yet horrible) wedding mishapes :)
The randomly chosen winner of the Scentsy Giveaway is...bumblebeebags! Congrats!
Both winners, please email me and I will get you your prizes. Come back Friday for another giveaway.


ZogLady said...
This is a wonderful post! I leave Friday for Vegas with some girlfriends (oh yes! I'm leaving the Hubby and kids behind for the first holiday without them!)...... and I cannot wait! We're still in snow land here so anything above 0 is something I'm willing to put up with! *L* ;P
the undomesticated wife said...
Colored jeans are coming back?! In what cut? Boot leg/flared or the mommy-style cut that they were back in the day? Ack! LOL I hate flying too. Actually, I take that back. I don't hate flying. I hate the thought of crashing. There's just something very unnatural about being in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air going 300 miles per hour! ;)
Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...
You and your sister look so similar. How fun is that!? Glad you had some time to yourself. Now, it's baby time.
Madeline and Family said...
Molly does make a beautiful bride doesn't she.
Eudae-Mamia said...
Arrived here to offer an official welcome to SiTS!! However, I will be sticking around because your blog has to be hands down one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen. (and I'm currently smack in the middle of spring break entertaining two little boys - I'll be back when I have time to pay due respect.) Em
Are You Serious! said...
♥ What a fun trip minus the motion sickness! :)
Chris said...
I can't wait to see more pictures. The description of you in that pool made me want to go on vacation sooo badly! Sounds awesome!
pink~leopard~print said...
Sounds like a fun vacay! P.S. Ugh colored jeans are never ok! I kid you not there was a girl at my work wearing neon yellow the other day!!
Té la mà Maria - Reus said...
very good blog, congratulations regard from Reus Catalonia thank you
Dave and Abby said...
Thanks Nat. I appreciate the "death's door" comment. :) What's great is someone said how much we look alike...
kristi lee said...
Ahhhhhhh....the teal skinny jeans WITH the yellow shirt and green cardigan. It was very Easter Eggish!
Natalie Jane said...
I'm so glad you pointed that out when you did. I was so involved with my Starbucks, I almost missed it. Thanks again for the treat!
Lora said...
Vegas is on my "must see" list, and it looks like you have photographic evidence of why :0) Visiting you from SITS. Have a wonderful day!
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