Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yard Sale - Part 2

Shane and I were quite happy with our little yard sale. Shane baulked when I said I was asking $30 for my stereo. "No way Natalie. Maybe $10". We compromised on $20. The first guy to the sale thought that we must be kidding. "You are only asking $20 for this entire stereo?" He ran to get his wallet. - Never underestimate a women's understanding of shopping.
Whatever the venue.

P.S. - If you have a son under the age of 4 or one on the way - Talk to Kristi Gay. She has the most adorable boys clothes for sale. 3 months to 4 T. (In serious bulk ) She is asking like a buck an item. I even bought a few "uni-sex" things for Lydia.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This Saturday Shane and I are having our first ever yard sale. At first we didn't think we had enough stuff to sell. Now we have no idea where we are going to put it all. We literally got rid of 2/3 of our storage.
Getting ready has been more fun than I expected. It is like going on a treasure hunt. All the things that we have been holding on to, taking up attic space, are now little gems, finally serving their purpose. Great cordless phone that we spent $85 on. Let's mark it to $3! Dishes we got as a wedding gift and never opened. $1! Toy that Lydia never got around to playing with. 25 cents! We may even be able to go out to dinner on what we make after selling 7 years of accumulation :)
I also am selling A TON of my clothes. If anyone want to come over early (Like Friday evening), I will let friends have first dibs. Size 10-12. Mostly Banana Republic, Gap, J Crew, BCBG, and Ann Taylor. Super cheap.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cute things Lydia said today-

Today I handed Lydia's toothbrush to her and she said "Thank you Sam-I-am" (Green Eggs and Ham reference)

Later, after she was in her PJs, she put on some of my heels and announced, "Mommy, I am going far, far, away." Then she totally biffed it.

Before going to bed she said "Mommy. I love you." and threw herself at me in a huge hug.

Motherhood doesn't pay well, but the perks are fantastic.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We miss you Grandma and Papa!

Lydia and I had such an amazing month in Spokane. Mom and Dad, thank you for making everything so wonderful. It was terribly hard to leave. We love you very much.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Strawberry Fields

My friend Kristi invited Lydia and I to go strawberry picking with them this morning. We had a great time scouting for anything bright red and even found our way into the "pick your own" flower garden. (Wasn't planning on getting any, but Lydia had a different agenda.)

The kids had a great time, but as we left I was feeling a little bummed. As most moms know, location playdates are for kids. There isn't a lot of playtime for the mommys. After dealing with a few temper tantrums and runway kids, Kristi and I got about 2 minutes of talking in.

I was brooding over this unfortunate fact of motherhood on the drive home. Then I bit into one of our newly picked strawberries.

It was like I was transported back in time to 5 years ago when Shane and I first moved to the South. May of 2003. We lived in an adorable little mountain house in North Carolina with a screened-in porch overlooking the loveliest view. I used to drive down to the local farmers stand and wait for the strawberry truck to arrive from the fields, the berries still warm from the sun. I would take them home and Shane and I would sit for hours on our porch, watching the lightning bugs dance across the acres before us, savoring each delectable bite of springtime.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself, opened the window and let the honeysuckle scented air wash over me. I have a feeling it will be a good day.

I think I will save the rest of the
strawberries for Shane.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So it is midnight and I am making some jewelry for myself, catching up on Grey's Anatomy, eating popcorn and the chocolate Shane bought me as a homecoming gift (along with flowers I might add), while the rest of my little family slumbers peacefully upstairs. It is great to be home.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paisley Lane Update

I have finally posted some new things on my Esty account. I selected a few things from each of my collections: Bridal, Vintage, Classic...what have you. I actually had a lot more on last week, but I have sold a surprising amount of jewelry in Spokane. Most of those sales were items found on Esty, so I ended up deleting them. If you see something on the Esty site, but do like using Pay Pal, just let me know and I can accept cash or check and delete the listing from the site.

To make things easier, I have created a separate blog just for my jewelry. This is a simple view of several of my pieces and by clicking on any photo, will take you into my Esty account for more information and for ordering.

Since this is a blog, feel free to make it one of your "friends" on your own blog, or on your favorite site list. To make it fun, I am offering a free pair of earrings with any $25 purchase. Also if someone places an order for over $25 after seeing the link on your blog, let me know and I will send you a pair of earrings for your advertising :) Thanks!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Sister's Day

Ok, as far as I know, Hallmark has yet to create a Sister's Day. But as I am enjoying this glorious spring day at my parents house, I realise that my sisters would love this. So here is a little Sister's Day gift to Emily in the desert of Arizona, Abby in the plains of Iowa and Molly in the majesty of China. (My Mom told me to say majesty for that one. She has been there, I have not, so I guess she is the authority) Seriously guys, we are outside in tees and capris and the mountains are still snow capped. It is perfect.
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p.s. Happy Anniversary Abby!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thank you to everyone who called and wrote emails asking if my little sister, Molly was safe after the horrible earthquake in China. We have heard word that she is ok. Molly, if you read this, we love you and are praying for you and the country you have grown to love.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


The other night I was out to dinner with my friend Randi. She and I used to hang out all the time in high school, but then came college and then married life, during which we only saw each other in group settings. This was the first time she and I had talked alone for over a decade. This was an interesting situation to be in. All though we had never lost touch and we knew what the other was "doing" in life, we had been unable to stay close. 10 years is a lot of time to try to catch up on in one evening. Maybe that is why I was struck by a question she asked me.

She asked "Are you happy?".

In all my life I cannot remember ever being asked that question. At least not by anyone who was not asking for personal verification of their efforts in my life.

My answer came rather quickly, and over the next few days I thought about the truth behind the answer.

Yes. I am very happy. I am happy because I married Shane.

Of course there are other things in my life that make me happy and bring me joy. My religion, my daughter, my family. Good hair cuts, sleeping in, tax refunds. I am happy with the woman I have become and the woman that I am still developing into. But there are a lot of things in my daily life that make me feel less than happy. Boredom, self-doubt, frustration, laundry. Trying to stay positive can be difficult during the 10th diaper change of the day, or while my toddler thrashes in the grocery store in a wild tantrum. (Or better yet, a crazed tantrum during a diaper change. My favorite.)

In the end, however, I am truly and desperately happy. I have Shane at the end of the day. I found the person that fits me perfectly and loves me unconditionally. I am happy because seven years ago today I married someone who I believed to be the man of my dreams, and everyday since he has proven me to be right.

Happy Anniversary Shane.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look what I found!

Check out what I found in my parents playroom....Grunge Barbie! The 90's could even make Barbie ugly. The bangs are the best. I remember that my little sister was able to do a french roll on these little jeans, but I must be out of practice because I couldn't quite manage it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our trip so far

I didn't bring the equipment to upload photos from my camera, but here are a few from friends/family cameras.
Notice anything different? Yes, that is an above-ground pool.
I guess the parents wanted to "redneck up" the place.

Like my new look? Check out the rest of the fun.

"I'm two"

Playdate with Amy and Randi. (And our kids of course)

I must say, not a shabby place to have grown up.

Coming home

I made the switch to dark chocolate about 2 years ago. It started after consuming a huge bag of Peanut Butter Hershey Kisses that were in my Easter basket (oh how I miss peanut butter). The chocolate was lackluster at best and totally unsatisfying, and yet I kept popping them in my mouth waiting for the chocolate high. All to no avail. Yes, I am aware I sound like a crack addict.
Later that night I bit into a dark chocolate covered almond from Shane's Easter basket. The sensation was instant. Oh the ecstasy. Rich and decadent, I only needed a couple more to savor and I was happy. At that moment I made the switch.
Dark chocolate for me. That has been the last two years. But something happened a couple nights ago that has made me waver. My mom handed me a Ghirardelli square - dark chocolate with caramel. After a moment in my mouth I spit it out. Caramel and dark chocolate just didn't work! My father took advantage of my impressionable state and handed me a new Ghirardelli square - MILK chocolate with caramel. Bliss. Smooth and creamy, I reached for another. It was like making-out in high school. Not really satisfying, but totally enjoyable at the same time.
As of now, I cannot state my firm affiliation. Maybe I don't have to decide. What next? White Chocolate? Oh the horror.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Having a lovely time in Spokane. Lydia is in total bliss.
Miss you Shane.
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