Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's raining! Yeah! Lydia looked out the window as soon as there was enough light to see and started screaming "RAINING!" She likes the rain. So after breakfast, we headed out.
In my book, a rainy fall day falls second only to a blizzard on a winters evening. Before Lydia could catch pneumonia, we trudged back inside for cinnamon toast and hot chocolate. (Both firsts for Lydia.) Then we wrapped up in fleece blankets and read until nap time. I laid her in bed, shut the door to her room and I heard a tiny voice say "Mommy? I love you. Nite nite". Oh be still my heart.

Was that the perfect morning or what? I am tempted to lure Shane home from work to enjoy it with us. No one should have to work on a day like this!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Lydia cuddled with me this morning. For like 5 minutes. This never happens. Our cuddle sessions are usually about once a week for 30 seconds after a temper tantrum and she needs reassurance. This morning after she woke up (before sunrise of course), I brought her back to bed with me (like normal) but this time she stayed! 5 minutes. In my arms! I could tell she was appeasing me more than anything, but I wasn't complaining. That was the longest I have held my baby in 4 months! (Since I stopped nursing). Seriously I am in the best mood today. Shane is getting back from a long trip, "The Office" was exceptionally funny last night, and I had cuddle time!

We also visited the Children's Discovery Museum with some friends. I have attached some photos.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's fall!

The leaves have just started to change. We picked out some pumpkins last weekend and I will post Shane's incredible creations as he completes them.

My Real Simple Column

Randomly I have had little blurbs in the last two months of my favorite magazine "Real Simple". Apparently I will get to see my name in print yet again in December. Every month Real has a new question to answer and if they like it, they call you up and ask if they can publish it. This last call made me laugh because people are going to think I just sit around and enter dozens of different answers. At least that is what an unnamed friend accused me of last night :) I think that you can only enter once a month. Anyway. I don't have any great ideas for the January edition, so I think the publishing streak ends here. It was fun while it lasted!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Early Fall

Some new photos from this week. Enjoy!

Hamilton County Fair

Lydia has been such an absolute pleasure for the last couple weeks, Shane and I decided to try a day trip to the fair. Unfortunately, our neighbor's car alarm woke Lydia up from her nap much too early and she was a little grumpy. Still, there was cotton candy and cows and goats. She seemed to have a pretty good time. Someone should inform the South that October is Autumn. It is still sooooo hot!
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