Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Terrible Terrible Terrible Day

11:00 PM Wednesday. Should be sleeping.

So much went wrong today I seriously almost started packing my bags to move home to Tennessee. There was some crying, some excess sugar and caffeine consumption and ignoring my daily chores so I could sulk on the couch. I could spend some quality vent time here on my blog, but I already called my sister and gave her an ear full.

Instead, here are some things making me HAPPY today. Well not happy. I'm in too pissy of a mood to be happy. But these are cheerful things that should cheer me up, and even though they aren't, maybe if I focus really hard on them, it will help. Yes?

Got my new Lands End swimsuit and it's really cute. This top and this bottom. (I won't mention that it went on sale a week after I placed my order, or that I still feel hideous in anything that doesn't come to my ankles.)

Shane and I have a date this weekend. (I won't mention that I'm bugged at him for being sick yet again and I never get sick days and he spends the whole freaking day in bed.)

There are so many fun things to do in Boise during the summer! (Oh wait. I don't have a car because it is at the mechanics for the billionth time and we already wrote him a check for $2000 to fix it and somehow, inexplicably, two more things went wrong with it the day we drove the car away from his garage.)

My friend just got engaged! (I'm ignoring the fact she is 19 years old it makes me want to kidnap her and make her listen to reason that she needs to wait for a few more years until she isn't talking about high school as her only personal life experience.)

I had a great workout today. (And then found half of a chocolate Easter bunny in the freezer when I was searching for something, anything, to fix for dinner. I consumed it in one sitting. With tears running down my cheeks. I am so incredibly awesomely lame.)

So glad I get to be a mom. (And get to bang my head against the refrigerator in utter frustration at the complete monotony of it all. And Collin, if you dump your cereal on the floor one more time so help me I am going to lose it completely. Lydia if you back talk me again I am going to send you to your room for 2 days and feed you under the door.

Wow. I actually do feel better. Thanks! (This day still totally sucks though.)


Margot Clemmons said...

I'm so glad you wrote this, I was having a downer day and your list had me laughing out loud. I was thinking how many times I've eaten chocolate while crying (too many) and wanting to bang my head against the wall (all day). :) I hope tomorrow is better. Chin up and all that.

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Aw Natalie, I'm sorry you had a rough day... love & hugs to you, friend!

Carrie said...

Oh Natalie, you make my laugh. Stop being so honest, funny, and real so that I can stop looking forward to your bad days. They seriously make me feel 100% less alone. I was just thinking about your sweatshirt comment from a few months ago, how you may or may not have worn the same sweatshirt a few days in a row. I'm not confessing anything, but I may have worn the same pair of white pants three times this week. Only because I was so impressed my kids hadn't managed to destroy them with various substances yet.

Feel better. I dream about getting in the car and driving somewhere I love on my very worst days, too. Any house hunting updates?

Kristin said...

I know how those days just suck! I am sooo sorry. I hope that today is better. Hang in there.

Natalie Jane said...

Carrie- I may or may not have been wearing that same sweatshirt when I read your comment.

I too have a pair of white pants that I wear all the time and I bought in a size one too big so I could wash and bleach constantly and not worry about shrinkage.

The house hunting is one of the reasons the day was so bad. I will update when I know more for sure.

Unknown said...

Well if you need me to fly out there I will! Sam misses his favorite aunt:)

Natalie Jane said...

What for a month or two since I just got my Sam fix :) (I MISS him though!)

Mommystired said...

Sorry about that love.

And tell your friend she is nuts to get married in her teens.

Holly said...

Natalie, I hope today was better... thank you for helping me feel that I'm not crazy when I have those days. Idaho is a hard adjustment :) Still adjusting myself, though I'm loving the summer weather right now. You are such a great mom, and I am thankful for your honest depiction of the life of a SAHM. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

Cathy said...

Amen, sister! On just about everything. Hope you had a better day today.

Lisa Lew said...

Thanks for keeping it real. Bad days make the good days even better.

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