Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer so far.

Thank you for enduring my last vent. I was having a really really, crappy day. I cheered myself up with some quality It's my new internet addiction. This video in particular made me almost wet my pants.

Let's focus on some of the actual nice things going on right now, shall we?

This summer has been lovely. I think I'd forgotten how enjoyable summer can be after 7 years in the South. I had forgotten what it was like to be able to lay on your lawn without the fear of chiggers or spiders. I had forgotten mosquito free evenings and sweat free days in the 80's. Summer has made me love Boise. I still wish it would snow more in the winter but summer needs no improvement. We've even gotten a couple thunderstorms.

A couple nights ago, Shane and I laid a blanket in the yard and watched the stars while the kids slumbered peacefully. We laughed at this crazy unplanned blessing that brought us to this place.

Except for one road trip, we haven't done much of anything since summer began, but it's the joy of doing nothing that can make summer so blissful.

A little photo diary of our first half of summer.

We are a family of cherry lovers and once they hit their peak (and drop below $3 a pound) we have them after almost every dinner. Outside of course.

Lydia is definitely my daughter and is always wanting to throw impromptu parties. I think our little tomboy neighbor thought our "tea party" talk was a little strange. All the "would you like some more tea darling?" and "oh! these muffins are scrumptious!" seemed to confuse her throughly.

Of course Collin doesn't wait for an invite.

That's okay. He prefers tea party time alone.

How sweet! Some of my new friends threw me a Luau to celebrate me going to Hawaii! 
Okay, not really. But I was excited to see our Mom's night out dinner was Hawaiian themed. I'm totally wearing my new yellow hair flower on the Island.

I can't believe I waited this long to do a chore chart. Lydia has really responded well to having something to work towards. Each chore chart has a different treat to earn once all the squares are full. Usually a place to go to dinner, just she and daddy. She thinks I need one too. I told her we don't have a big enough piece of paper. 

I have like 1000 photos from our Nordstrom Family reunion. I won't be getting around to them anytime soon. But it was awesome to see everyone for the first time in close to a decade. 
Over 100 of us!

My entire immediate family made it to the reunion and we took a road trip to visit the hometown and graves of my grandparents. 

My grandfather's childhood home. Isn't it darling?

It was a wonderful experience. Until Shane's private parts were attacked by a crazed bug. As you can see, we were all very sensitive to his plight. 

Thank heavens for TCBY. They have dairy free sorbet and soft serve that is not exposed to nuts. Finally a place we can go for family treats!

And then clean up the mess on our faces at the local splash park.

I helped hosted a brunch last week and when I found these peonies, I knew they would be just the right centerpiece.....for me to bring home afterwards for my own table. :)

Ah summer. The smell of flowers, sunscreen, peaches, cut grass and grilling hamburgers.
Stick around a while longer won't you?


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Carrie said...

Yippee! Both that you are doing better AND that I won. My email address is makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com. Thanks, Natalie!

Dionna said...

I love summers in Boise. I just hate the winters. But your comments about chiggers and mosquitos made me realize I might have "dreamed up" the South a bit in my mind. Wanting to go somewhere warmer someday. Nowhere is perfect, is it?

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Wow Natalie... Thanks so much for ruining my life... Or at least any hope of being productive. I have now spent 2 hrs on that web site. Yikes.

Collin looks So cute in his little swim trunks!

Sabrina Says

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