About Me

As taken from my Monday Maven interview, 11/15/10

Full Name: Natalie Jane
Location: We moved to Boise Id two months ago. Before that we were in the Chattanooga TN area for 7 years. We miss it very much but are excited about this new adventure.
kids: Lydia Jane - 4, Collin Grey 18 months
One Word that Describes You: Tired. But that’s just right at this moment. The word I want to describe me is gracious. But I’m still working on it.
What makes you smile? My husband walking in the door after work, getting into the covers after a long day, receiving mail, wrapping gifts, seeing new places, swimming at night, CHOCOLATE, my baby’s kisses, my daughter’s pretending, getting to dress up, four star restaurants and cheap mexican joints, opening up the first page of a new book, new episodes of Barefoot Contessa, being alone in a cafe, being surrounded by family next to a fireplace or firepit, the color yellow, black cashmere, cookies straight out of the oven, nights out with girlfriends, the smell of grilling hamburgers, business lunches, visiting my hometown, designer purses, hoodies from Target, hanging with my sisters, rain, burning leaves on an overcast day, Christmas, snow.
What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon?Shane and I want to take 10 days to be together for our 10th anniversary next year. The plan is Hawaii. I would also like to wear the two piece I sported on our 4th anniversary, but that is really dreaming….
One of Your favorite motherhood moments? Just today I watched my kids laughing together at the park. They threw leaves at each other and giggled as they rolled down hills. When Collin fell down, he reached for Lydia for comfort. Seeing my two most precious creations love each other is a joy unlike any other. Of course, that was just today.
What is your guilty pleasure? Popcorn, diet coke and chocolate while watching a late night movie or reading some crack literature.
What do you love most about you? I love that I have figured out who I am. Not that I’m always the best “me”, but I’m comfortable with who I have become. I think you have to be comfortable with who you are if you want to be a blogger. You put too much of yourself on display to be constantly self doubting.
Favorite Place? 
I love Europe. I love everything about it. The food, the culture, the architecture. When traveling there, I felt like I had found “my place”. The study of European art and literature was my main focus of study in college. I’d love to be an expatriate in Italy, France or Spain for a few years. With my little family of course. The kids would look so darling in little barrets.
Who is your hero? My husband. I am constantly amazed at the man and father he is. I still can’t believe I landed him!
What is your number one tip for finding balance in your life?: If there was one way to find balance, it would be easier to do it! I wrote my top 10 ways in this post: http://www.nataliessentiments.com/2008/07/you-may-or-may-not-have-heard-of-this.html

My favorite of my tips is this: Never forget I am a woman, too. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the idea of being a mother and wife, I forget that I have an entire existence that entails neither of these two titles. I love to read, to dance, to study, to travel. I love to be alone and just breathe. Even if I just escape to my car to listen to a James Taylor CD – I need some down time. I need time away. Often. Not just token time. REAL time away.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy my little spot in the blogosphere. 
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