Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mega Bloks Barbie Party!

Last week we had a HUGE playdate sponsored by Mega Bloks Barbie.

It was pretty great. We received a Mega Bloks Luxury Mansion and a Mega Bloks Pool party for the kids to play with and then each girl got a great little Mega Bloks kit to take home for themselves! 
They were pretty thrilled.

I was pretty thrilled that 10 little girls plus a few brothers were totally entertained for a few hours while we moms chatted. Now that's a party.

This was a lot of people to serve lunch to. So very glad I opted for water.
 I think every single kids spilled their cup.

They ate quickly to run back to play. 

More talk time for moms!

The kids enjoyed the Mega Bloks, though I think that a parent really needs to put the sets together for the kids before playtime. The sets are geared for 4-8 year olds, but I don't think that age is quite ready for the complexity of the instructions. However, once the sets were up, they loved playing with them.

Everything's so cute that tiny!

Thanks Mega Bloks!
Disclosure: As always, my opinions are all my own.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lydia's Room Reveal

I think it's time for a room reveal don't you?

Lydia's room is all done!

I used a lot of the same elements from Lydia's Tennessee bedroom. Waste not and all that.

I wanted yellow curtains. But I made the mistake of taking Lydia with me to the store. 
So we have pink.

Oh well. You're only a little girl once. Might as well make it as pink and purple as you can.

I cut apart an extra window valance and framed the fabric.
(I did the same kind of thing in the guest room.)

I told Shane I would like some bookshelves on the wall and that I'd see some cool ones made of rain gutters.

"I'm not putting rain gutters on the kids walls"

"Ok, fine. Can you make some out of wood."

He smiles.

"I'll figure something out."

A couple hours later he came out of his shop with these.

He did a pretty good job :)

Sure. He did the wood shelves. 

But I cut and stapled all those paper chains.

My sister Abby did the amazing quilt and little painting shown here. 
I have some seriously talented sisters.

My sister Emily made the big dolls and Abby made the little ones.
My sister Molly's contributions are seen elsewhere in the house.
My brother Zac is a really nice guy.

My favorite photo of Lydia and Shane will always have a place on Lydia's dresser. 

 I'll cherish this time when she lets me help decorate.

There is something so sweet about the knick knacks of little girls.

My seven year old self is so jealous!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

InstaFriday #27 Pregnant and Sugar.

So, you may have noticed on my last post, I'm pregnant.

I've been eating a lot of cereal. A lot.

For the first trimester it was only Cheerios. It was pretty much all I could eat.
 But now that I'm on to my second trimester, I'm moving on to more interesting kinds.
"Eat a wide variety of colors!" my doctor says. So I got Fruit Loops.

(This fruit loop photo is so perfect with my new blog design! I knew I liked this color combo.)

To answer a few questions:

Yes, we have been trying to get pregnant.
We started trying last January and I found out I was expecting just before Christmas.

Yes, we will be finding out the gender.
But I'm not due for another doctors visit for 5 weeks, so I'm trying to be patient.

Yes, I'm feeling ok. Now.
Just wait. I wrote a post when I was 9 weeks pregnant that I'll post soon.
 I just need to edit it for swearing.

In other news..... 

My mom left :( Now who will I go thrifting with?

Collin and I spent a very messy afternoon painting and glueing his valentine box. Robot theme.

I love my boy.

Lydia had plans, so Shane and I took Collin to the aquarium. 

Shane and I spent three nights watching the entire 3rd season of Downton Abbey.
I cried a lot. That scene with Sybil? Oh man. WEEPING.

I didn't take this photo :)

Made the BEST lemon poppyseed muffins after deciding I actually need to follow through on some of my pinterest pins. And I needed some comfort food after Downton Abbey.

We had one beautiful Saturday that actually reached the 50's.
"Mommy, I think I feel Springtime!"

We're not picky though. We hit the park when it's still in the 40s.

And when it gets all wintery again, we warm up in a nice bath with fluffy towels. 

Or just hit Krispy Kreme for warm glazed doughnuts.
You can see Collin is already feeling his sugar rush.

I spent the day before Valentines Day prepping a serious chocolate treat.

There are no better brownies than Ina Garten's Outrageous Brownies.

Kids and I had a Valentine breakfast with candy appetizers and gifts from Grandma.

As for Shane's and my Valentines Day.....he had great intentions.

"I'll be home at 4:00pm to make you dinner. Feed the kids and we'll eat right when they go to bed." 
For the past two years that Shane's been working for this company, he's arrived home early two times out of countless tries. He got home well past 6:00pm with a box of See's chocolate, flowers, a letter and an apologetic face. But really, what better valentines gift could I have then a man who works that hard for his family and still remembers to make days special. 

And these flowers were amazing. Much prettier than the photo shows.

We finally got the kids down at 8:45 and ended up eating cereal for dinner.

But we went out for Shane's birthday on Saturday at our favorite restaurant, so it all turned out alright.

I bought Shane a new watch for his birthday, 
and we had to take to back to the jewelers to get it sized. 
Which in turn lead to me getting a belated Valentine's gift. How on earth did that happen?
Jewelry addiction is a real and wonderful thing. Thank you Shane for being such an enabler.

oh and one more thing.

I ate this when Shane was out of town last night. 

And there is a brownie underneath too.

But no judging. Cause I'm with child.

15 weeks! 25 to go!


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Here's to a holiday all about love!

My sweetheart is a very good sport :)

Enjoy your day! May it be filled with make-out and chocolate!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Competition

Shane is playing with his iPad in bed next to me, 
so I'm taking selfie photos to text to him to remind him I'm here. 



Anyone else competing with technology for your hubby's attention?
I deserve it. I may occasionally leave Shane a blog widower.

via instagram @natssentiments

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Button Heart and Cookies. And what your husband really wants for Valentines day.

Countdown to Valentines day! 
And dealing with the same question that every wife is battling with.

"What do I get my husband?!?"

This year I just asked him. 

He wants a card and sex.

I can do that.

I'm putting a lottery ticket in the card and writing 
"No matter what, you'll be getting lucky tonight."

Cute right? You can steal the idea.

Now that's settled, I can move on to the rest of my check list.

Lots of button hearts on Pinterest lately. Pulled out the glue gun and did a little late night crafting and....adorabs! Dollar store frame (with glass and everything!) card stock and buttons from hobby lobby. I traced the heart. I tried free handing and it looked like Collin did it.

via my instagram - @natssentiments

Spent the "game part" of the superbowl last night making sugar cookies. 
I stopped and watched all the commercials and the last quarter of course.
The one with the Clydesdale horse running back to his owner totally made me cry.

These cookies are so good, Lydia and I are going to enter them into the state fair this year. 
I'd bet money they'll win. SO good. 

"World's Best!"
Sugar Cookies

Cream together:

1 C shortening
1 C butter
1 C powdered sugar
1 C granulated sugar

Beat in:

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla


4 C flour
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt

Mix to blend. Shape into balls (1 inch) roll in sugar or roll out and cut into shapes.
Bake 375 degrees 8 minutes on ungreased pan.

Perfect every time.

Sorry about the crap photos. One of these day I will pull out the SLR camera again. It's just so much work.
For now, I'll stick with the camera phone.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

InstaFriday #26 - Birthday and winner

Lydia turned 7! 

For the last, um, 6 years I've thrown Lydia a party. Last year was supposed to be a "tiny party" but turned in to be a little crazy. Her 5th birthday was that insane fancy princess party. 4th Birthday was a Valentine brunch. 3rd Birthday was a little princess party with a very grumpy Lydia and a pregnant me. 2nd was a little Elmo gathering. 1st was a "Bouncing Balls" theme - I didn't have a blog then.

This year I told Lydia ONE friend for a slumber party. She invited her best friend Maya.
They decided to bring their dolls too.
Like the hats? It was a craft disaster turned kind of cute. 
We had mac and cheese and hot dogs. 
Just a few balloons and streamers.

It was awesome.

I baked the cake and the kids decorated it with frosting and candy.

Lydia was one happy girl.

Shane decided he was going to make Lydia a cedar bunk bed for Lydia's doll. 
Then he decided to make one for Maya too. 

He's kind of an over achiever that way.

I had it in my pinterest board "Projects for my husband".
 As he says every time he makes one of her plans...

"Great plans. But she's nuts if she thinks you can do it for that cheap in that amount of time."

They turned out so adorable! (Thanks Stacy for helping me with the bedding.)

For Lydia's actual birthday, my mom flew over to celebrate with us. 
Lydia wanted pie, so we had dinner at Marie Calendars. 
(I was unaware my mom's a UofA fan, but apparently she is.)

Collin couldn't decide between apple or cherry pie. So he got both.

I can't believe my baby is seven. 
It seems only yesterday she was one and just had the attitude of a seven year old.

Can you believe how much Lydia looks like Collin here?
It makes me want to spend every minute with my babies, so I don't miss a thing.

Oh, never mind.....

Grandma's here! Impromptu date night!

Much to the kids delight, we visited the dentist. 
Kids wear sunglasses to keep the bright light out of their eyes and earphones to watch the cartoons on the ceiling. Yummy Yummy fluoride. Prizes at the end. Things have changed since I was a kid.


Unfortunately the next day during the preschool field trip....

The firefighters had to leave before the field trippers got to see the fire truck. 

Someone was not happy.

Who would have guessed the dentist would be more fun than the field trip.

(This photo makes me laugh so hard!!!!)


So that's our week! If you do an instafriday, let me know. I'd love to see it!

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