Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Random.

(Almost verbatim conversation between myself and Shane at 6:30 pm yesterday)

Me: I have the most wonderful idea.

Shane: What's that?

Me. Why don't we take the kids out for frozen yogurt tonight. We can eat outside since it's so nice.

Shane: Sounds good.

Me: And THEN...since we will be feeling so good about our little family excursion, let's head to the gas station on the way back and get you and me each a 52 ouncer of diet coke. When we get home we can put on a show for the kids, head up to bed and drink our sodas and read our books like we did before we had kids and summer nights were just for us to enjoy together.

Shane: Well, I'm about as likely to pass on that genius idea as a big wad of cash.


It was a magical 90 minutes of childfree, caffeine induced bliss. I should have have the forethought to get chocolate. I still can't believe we lived like that for 5 years. {sigh}

Other pivotal thoughts:

I've busted through 3 books in the last 2 weeks. The kids go to bed so late now, I'm too tired to do anything but crash and read. Do you think the reason everyone reads so much during the summer is because there is just crap on TV? Thank heavens for Burn Notice on Hulu, or none of my laundry would ever get folded. Do you have a laundry show too? (If you tell me it's a Soap Opera, we won't be friends anymore. I watched 5 minutes of one yesterday and I think my brain died a little.)

No. I'm not on Pinterest. I'm trying to limit my addictions for the time being, and I know I would be addicted. Though I did find this cool Keep Calm image there.

After experiencing my bout of "the blues" after moving to Boise, I looked into talking to someone. Funny thing is, with my new insurance, retail therapy was still way cheaper. So tempted to get these shoes. You know.  For therapy.

Went shopping for Mini-Vans. I know they are the smart move.
I. Just. Could. Not. Do. It.
Maybe next year?

Lydia told me she wants to write a new story called, "Girl Pooch who likes to Smooch." You can probably guess the alternate title that immediately came to my mind.

Aren't you glad you read this super simulating blog? This is modern American literature at its finest.

Dare you to leave a comment more random that this post.

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Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I totally loved the randomness. Gotta be perfectly honest.

Summer television is absolute garbage for the most part. Although I am a huge fan of Big Brother (read: GIANT NERD). Please still be my friend.

Jana said...

When you said you put on a show for the kids...I thought you and your husband performed a show because you were on a sugar high from the yogurt and coke...hahahaha

Then I read it again. Loved your post. It's real life.
xo Jana

Kelly and Liam said...

I think coffee and diet coke are the only ways I get through the day...

Nat and Charles said...

Haha! I love random. And I love that idea. Think my 2 year old could tend the baby? ;)

Shelly said...

I'm totally a TV laundry folder, too! That's how I justify all the trash I watch on Bravo. ;0)
Pinterest is like crack so wait until you're ready!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

You inspire me, really! I often think "I can't have kids, what if I get depressed, what if I need a night off, what if..." and you show me that it is possible to do it all... and that it isn't taboo. Thanks.

Natalie Jane said...

HA! I know. I'm the inspiration for "it's okay to kind of suck." Believe me. Every mom gets depressed and needs a night out. (Every week). So not taboo. It's taboo to think you have to hide behind a smile and an apron.

Unknown said...

Most summer TV is kind of awful, but I love Burn Notice, and Covert Affairs. We had our kids leave for a week at a time twice this summer, and it was really great to live as we did pre-kids. That being said, I was as happy to have them back as I was about having them leave for a week.

Desiree Chandler said...

LOL you make me smile... I'm so glad I found your blog! Love the randomness of it! :)

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