Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sara's Satellite Shower

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My sister-in-law and her husband Rusty came to visit this weekend from New York. She is 7 months pregnant and just a few weeks ago I was thinking how I wished I could throw her a baby shower. With all of the shared friends the four of us share, it would be a great opportunity to all get together. (For further info on our interesting relationship - see previous post).
Unfortunately, all those shared friends live all over the country. So.... I came up with the idea of a Surprise Satellite Shower. (I think I am the first to coin this phrase, at least according to Google). Basically we had a shower at my house and friends sent gifts. Thank you so much to all those friends who participated. We just wish you could have been here in person.
Lydia and I had so much fun making and decorating cupcakes. I got creative and made a "Binky Garland" (also my brain child) which turned into a nice decorative necklace for Sara. (If you notice a wardrobe change, Sara decided she needed a new outfit and a little makeup if this shower was to involve photographs.)


kristi lee said...

Your ideas blow me away. Oh, pass me a cup of your delicious cake please!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Chris Whitmore... I lost yalls phone number when I replaced my old phone. 314-220-4430

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy! Was she surprised? You did such a great job pulling everything together - such a creative idea! BTW - those cupcakes look like a photograph from a magazine.
Mary Lea :)

P.S. Lydia in the chef's hat is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

The Todd Family said...

What a cute idea!! I LOVE Lydia in the chef's hat. Where did you find a little person's chef hat? Kate would think she had died and gone to Heaven over something like that! You're so creative!!!!

xcdenke said...'s safe to say disregard my email I just sent. I obviously missed Sara's shower. I'll have to send her present to NY. Looks like a fun shower and she looks great!

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