Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maybe just a hick at heart

I have tried really hard to develop an enjoyment of fine cheeses. I want to be a “cultured” (no pun intended) individual and since I don’t drink wine, cheese seems the natural choice for exploration. I was in the French Club in college and dutifully attended the annual cheese night, sampling the Bleu D Auvergne, Stilton, Baratte, Camembert de Normandie, Roquefort, Brie. At parties I nimble on the blue, the soft, the hard and the goat cheese that is customary. When I am at the gourmet market, I try something new every few weeks. However, I think I am finished. The other day I was tasting a new cheese and it tasted exactly like dirt. When I mentioned this to the “Maître Fromager” he gave me the loveliest condescending smile. “It is supposed to”. I looked at the cheese and thought “I don’t really want to eat dirt on my cracker.” – Sorry Rusty and Sara. I am sticking with Cheddar.
(Hey. At least it isn’t Velveeta)


beth said...

Have you ever tried Beer Cheese? You have to give that one a whirl.

April said...

I seriously had no clue there were more cheeses out there besides chedder until I met Emily and the Nordstrom family...Your mom always buys havarti cheese from Costco...oh my gosh- that sounds so good right now. I love going through your refridgerator in Spokane- your mom always has the best food-

Natalie Jane said...

Oooo yea, havarti does sound good. Shane and I ate so much of that when we first got married that we got burned out. I think it is time for a comeback. Yea, my mom always did have good things around. And in bulk too!

Rusty said...

Any cheesemonger who is condescending isn't worth his curds. They're supposed to be helpful and empathetic to your tastes, not be above them.

And to answer your post, you just haven't had the right cheeses. Try a Piave, an aged Gouda and Gruyere. Mamon is a really great melting cheese and Mimolette is a fantastic hard cheese to munch on.

If you get through that list and still don't like them then you need to look inward and figure out what is wrong with your dark soul.

Natalie Jane said...

First of all, do you really think that I have come this far in life with out experiencing "a Piave, an aged Gouda and Gruyere"?

Secondly, I live in Chattanooga. I can't really go requesting Mimolette anywhere around here.

What Ev.

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