Sunday, June 15, 2008

The four of us.

Shane, me, Sara and Rusty at Coney Island.

  • Rusty and I were best of friends in high school.
  • Sept 1999: Rusty and I (and some other friends) were going dancing and he said he was inviting his old mission companion Shane who was "super cool". Shane was attending Ricks. Rusty and I were at BYU.
  • Shane's sister, Sara, bummed a ride so she could see a guy she was dating.
  • That night Shane and I met. Rusty and Sara met.
  • June 2000 - Rusty and Sara get married.
  • May 2001 - Shane and I get married.
  • Jan 2006 - I give birth to Lydia - who is Rusty's niece.
  • August 2008- Sara will have a little girl - and Rusty's daughter and my daughter will be cousins.
If anyone had told us all of that in high school......


Laura said...

what a small world! i'm so glad to hear that rusty and sara are expecting. tell them congrats and we wish them the best of luck. what a beautiful family.
(i made a few rides with sara down to BYU...those were the days.)

xcdenke said...

Hi "ASS!" I know, right! Crazy how life happens. I never would've believed it. It's almost too prefect!


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