Friday, June 27, 2008

Real Simple...Again.

A few days ago I received this email from my friend Mary Lea.

"I just opened my July Real Simple and saw your response to 'This Month’s Question'! How many times have you been published?"

Well, that was news to me! Guess I shouldn't have let my subscription expire and I would be more in the know.
Click here for my other Real Simple "publications". I also had a third one published on the Dec 2007 Web site.
Anyway, I forgot that I entered the "your words" question a few months ago. I SWEAR I don't just sit around thinking of things for the Real Simple Magazine. Since being "published" in 2007 I have only entered twice. Once on my fav beauty product (was not published) and the second is now in your July copy....
The question is "What are the top-three things on your lifelong to-do list?"
My answer:

Well, I get a copy of the magazine and Shane reads my answer. He looks confused.

"What?" I ask.

"Natalie. These are not the top three things on your lifelong to-do list".

Okay fine. At the moment that I was writing it sounded good. For the record they are in my top 10.

If I was going to answer that same question just for my blog (and not feel the need to wax somewhat eloquent) I would say:
  • See my children grow to have their own families.
  • Live in Europe for a year while still young enough to enjoy it.
  • Maintain a loving and passionate marriage.

(And maybe throw in there : Have a closet full of beauiful clothes that I look beautiful in.)

What would be your top three?


lisa said...

I saw this in my magazine! I meant to tell you.

beth said...

What a good answer. I think you took all the stress out of life with that answer. I like it. Obviously, we would love to have all of the other stuff also. I would love to live in Europe for 1 year.

April said...

what a real simple reply to the question...

Robyn said...

leave it to the guy to ruin it.
Mine are fairly similar to your real 3.

Crazymamaof6 said...

fun you were featured!

my top 3 things on my life long list? own my own rabbit poop ice machine (think sonic ice) at my house! find happiness in my reality teach my kid to be decent adults, and watch them teach their own.

Lynda said...

One of my top three is reached - I am a mom.

Secondly, to see puffins.
Thirdly, to create something spectacular.

Vana said...

This is so cool! I read the article too. So excited to have found your blog!

xcdenke said...

LOL, you always make me have a good laugh. Shane knows you too well. You do have eloquent B.S. :)

Unknown said...

Your magazine response may not have been your actual "top 3" but it made my day when I read it.

I had just endured a sudden and hurtful break up with my boyfriend and I bought the magazine as a "therapy" purchase... (something to make me excited about life again) at the grocery store, determined to spend my saturday sitting out in the sun with a cocktail in one hand and real simple in the other, and so I did.

I opened the first few pages and read your sweet words. They stirred my heart, brought a smile to my face, and reminded me that life is much bigger than break ups and tears, there's hope in future generations to come. I decided in that moment that is good to be women with vast perspectives and focused lenses.

So thanks for sharing your thoughts - I love your blog! And thanks for taking the time to post on mine :) Have a great day. ~E

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