Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quote of the day

Shane and I were sitting on the back porch discussing his most recent business trip and how he learned that a few of his client's wives expect something profoundly romantic or expensive for every single holiday. (Luckily he wasn't lumping me into that group. I mostly just want to get out of the house.) I thought the conversation was over when suddenly he cried "Every single Valentines day, Mother's day, Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas! It can't be done! And any women who expects that has been reading too much Twilight!" I just about died laughing.


Anonymous said...

This is Shane-

I wanted to make it clear that I personally have not read Twilight, nor any of its subsidiaries.

Abby said...

Whatever! Bella NEVER lets Edward give her any gifts! Humph. Shows how much Shane knows about Twilight. Has he read it yet...Dave and Greg have. And I'm sure it will be one of the mandatory requirements of Dad's when Wayne asks for Molly's hand. Shane should get with the program.
Less than 60 days left to go before Breaking Dawn! Yeah!

April said...

oh my gosh that picture of lydia is so awesome

I have never read twilight- or harry potter- I choose not to conform

Natalie Jane said...

April - I was like you and decided not to read Harry Potter. Then I saw one of my favorite literature professors reading it on campus at BYU. When I questioned him he said "some things are popular because they are easy. And some things are popular because they are fantastic" I made a commanding decision that I didn't need to keep myself from anything fantastic. Someone who can write in a way that captures so many is just that. As a literature student myself, I have to appreciate genuine talent in a world where it is difficult to find.

Abby- That is the exact argument that I used on Shane :)

He isn't going to read the book. Though he does like that he ALWAYS gets action soon after I read anything by S. Meyer.

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am really shocked at the number of comments I got for the giveaway... I am realtively new to the blogosphere. My real-life friend MIndi is a power blogger...so I guess it does pay to know the right people.

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