Friday, June 29, 2012

Instafriday #9

This week we pretty much lived at the pool and the park. I keep thinking we are going to have a nice lazy TV day at home, but it hasn't happened yet. The weather is just too gorgeous.

All the park time has been good for my reading. Pretty sure I'm the last person in the USA to read this, but this week I started it. And I'm pretty sure ever other mom at the park had this same toenail polish. Seems to be the shade of the month.

We've been painting when it just get too hot.
(Collin isn't napping anymore. It makes for very long days.)

In big news, I did something pretty crazy. I made a pie. From scratch. AND I made it up with a mixture of all my summer fruit. Cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, mangos and plums. It's terribly ugly, but it tastes delicious. This is a big domestic milestone for me. I was much to worn out to make dinner afterwards.

Had a successful thrifting trip with two whinny kids. I love my new little Instamatic.

Found this beauty at an estate sale.
But for $75? I don't think so.
Made a pretty photo though.

Shane and I were shopping and I picked up this lamp.
He hates it. I think it looks cool.
We are leaving it in the living room for the next week to see if it grows on him.

Found this in a drawer. 

"From Lydia to God. Dear God we love you know matter what."

My little girl is amazing.

So is my little boy. 

See his bruise? He has been injured every day this week in some way. 
Been giving lots of comfort hugs. 

We woke up yesterday to find that Shane had made everyone waffles before he had to leave for an early day at work.
That's Shane's way of giving comfort hugs when he's not around.

And when he is around, the eatings even better.

He grilled some salmon on a wood plank. Apologies to our neighbors for wafting this smell into their yards.

Everything tastes so good in the summer.

So good you just have to sing about it with spaghetti sauce all over your face!

Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that pie looks so yummy! And I think I need to come sample your hubby's cooking to see if it is as tasty as it looks. Have a great weekend!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Oh, that pie! Looks positively DELICIOUS! :)

Lissa said...

Oh my goodness, that letter...melted my heart! :o)
Stopping by from the InstaFriday link-up. Have a great weekend!

{Shannon} said...

I love that camera!!! And the lamp! And the two cute kiddos!! lol Have a great weekend!

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