Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Herb Garden

I gardened! Well, kind of. It's a small step, but it's something.

I asked Shane for a simple garden box for my herbs for Mother's Day. I showed him a few simple ones I'd found on Pinterest, but he has a hard time with the word "simple"

He did a lot of it with fence posts. Then he added some kind of inner portion that kept the dirt contained and from actually touching the sides of the box.

I think it's pretty darling. 

I panted a piece of wood in Robin's Egg blue and had Shane cut them. 
I wrote on them with sharpie for my herb markers. 

Chives and mint are in separate containers since I like the drapey look of chives and mint kind of goes crazy if it's not contained. And I needed just one little yellow pop. 

I made the garden sign with an extra fence post and a bit of sample paint I had leftover. 
Stencils are from Hobby Lobby.

In other news, I finally found plants that will work nicely in our constantly shady front entryway.

We used these perennials:
June Plantain Lily
Fragrant Bouquet Plantain Lily
and Ralph Shugert Periwinkle
(All at Lowes)

Don't forget to put your flags out on Thursday for Flag Day!


Christine said...

LOVE your herb garden!! Love the markers too!! Fabulous!

I REALLY hope you are planning on sharing this over at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!! :)

Amanda said...

This is a wonderful idea for a herb garden! Love everything about it.

amydear said...

Your garden box is so nice! Shane did a great job. I love my herb garden and use it often. My thyme and rosemary even winter over. With all that mint you should make some mint ice cream. It is amazing with fresh mint -- so herby and delicious.

Emily Taylor said...

I love it. Except the cilantro part.

Natalie Jane said...

You've always been a cilantro bigot.

Unknown said...

The herb garden is adorable! The wooden garden box really gives it character!! Found you via Somewhat Simple!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

My Mister keeps telling me I should start an herb garden...but I do NOT have a green thumb! I'm afraid I'd just kill them! ;)

Jessica said...

what a wonderful gift. love it!

the cape on the corner said...

looks great!

Jennifer said...

This is so great! I've always wanted to try an herb garden!!
Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!
Featuring this tomorrow!

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