Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm about a week behind with the instagrams pics, so lucky you, there are a ton!
Well, my mom will be excited.

We decided to head over to the Meridian Days Dairy day parade.
My kids had a lot of sugar. A lot. Halloween amounts.
Lot's more pics of our fun here.

Lydia graduated from Kindergarten! 
See more pics here

Shane, of course, added to the celebration with graduation pancakes. 
More pancake pics here

On my way from picking up my bountiful baskets on Saturday, I got lost in a sketchy neighborhood. Saw a dumpy yard sale outside an RV. The guy was mostly selling old auto parts. I found a promising looking box under a table. "oh that just some of my moms old junk. 50 cents a piece if you find anything". Um, yes please. Just look at all this glorious yellow!

That night, Shane and I got a babysitter and headed out to dinner. 
We had to wait a bit for our reservations. 
I didn't mind the view.

The next day was father's day, and Shane woke up to a fun surprise outside.
What husband doesn't want matching bikes with his wife! :)
We had to test them out right away.

Which is probably why we were running really late to church.
I grabbed the first thing I saw to wear.
Our full length mirror is now all the way upstairs in the guest room since it matches that set, so I quickly asked Shane how I looked.

He glanced up from tying his shoes and he couldn't hide his smile fast enough.

"Um. You look very, um, doilyish."

"Did you just call me a doily?"

"No. You look, like a nice Mormon."

"Did you just say I'm dressed like a Mormon?"

"Um, no. I mean yes. You are a Mormon. I'm going to go get the kids shoes on."


(I did kind of look like a doily. But it was just so yellow, I kept it on.)

The kids outfits were more successful.

Lydia likes yellow too.

For Father's Day dinner, I asked Shane what he wanted. 
"hum. Let's keep it simple. How about grilled NY steaks, chicken kabobs in that marinade I like, grilled veggie kabobs, rolls and garlic mashed potatoes. Oh and pineapple upside down cake for dessert."......after 5 hours of chopping, cutting, mashing and baking, I can tell you, it was not simple.

But he deserved it.

Monday was our first official day of summer.
And Collin celebrated by sleeping in until 10.

We still got to swim lessons in time.

More swim class pics here.

As I wrote in my "Break for Sisyphus" post, I spent one glorious day reading and ignoring guilt.
And kind of ignoring the kids. 

The next day I woke up and 
decided we were going to have a day totally focused on fun.
This is probably the only no-make up photo I will ever share with you. FYI. 

I spent swimming lessons finishing up my book.
(I'll be giving a copy of it away later this week.)

I could have made lunch, but it's in the 80's with no humidity. 
Al fresco lunch seemed more appropriate, don't you think?

And frozen yogurt really just fills in the cracks.
(Tell me Collin doesn't look exactly like a child from a 1950's pudding ad.)

We invited friends over for a good old fashioned homecooked meal.

Which ended in snowcones and getting really wet in the kiddie pool.

And Lydia finally had that slumber party she's been asking for. 
They were up until 11 and up at 5am.
That was unpleasant.

I put them to work the next morning emptying the kiddie pool with bowls.
Kept them busy for a couple hours.
Yes, that is Collin in his pajamas.

They were so exhausted from the day's activities, both kids took long naps.

And I laid out and napped a little in the sun.

And I didn't feel guilty one bit.

YAY! It's summertime!!!!



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Lisa B. said...

I love all your posts Natalie, but the instagrams pics are becoming my favorite!!


Unknown said...

those pancakes are amazing! you are beautiful sans makeup! have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I saw the video of collin sleeping in late, then making toot sounds. You are so very blessed Natalie!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a fun couple of weeks. I hope this week is just as great!

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