Friday, June 15, 2012

Instafriday #8

Today is Lydia's last day of school. We are sneaking her out early for some family fun. After Kindergarten Graduation. KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION. Really? Do I need to get a gift? Send out announcements? (You can just send checks to me, made out to Cash if you'd like.)

 So ready for official summer break. We have a lot planned.

Lot's of summer treats with summer produce. Peach crumble anyone?

I cried when I found out Lydia's new best friend is moving away.
Really. I cried. They are so adorable together. Here they were eating pizza under our table on the patio.

I apologize now to any neighbors who saw me screaming topless yesterday in my backyard. 
When I went to shake the towels off from the girls picnic, there were about a thousand ants. 90% of them went down my bra. I didn't make it in the house before I (screaming) ripped off my clothes. 

In other trashy news, a Craig's List purchase lead us to a hoarder's trailer. 
At first Shane and I thought we were entering some kind of horror movie.
But the guy was really nice, and even let the kids pet his dogs and pony.
The pony was in a pen filled with beer bottles. That was sad.
Hoarding is a very strange occurrence.

Another strange occurrence - finding photos on your phone that your children take.
(I was stopped at a stop light for the record.)

I've switched to my summer diaper bag. I love Oilily
Unfortunately, there are still diapers in my diaper bag. 
 Potty training sucks.

We love him anyway.

And Lydia loves her Daddy the most.
(MUST plan Father's Day!)

Shane got a little preview breakfast in bed last Saturday, just cause I was feeling nice.
This muffin recipe has over 5000 five star ratings for a reason. It's awesome. I made it with fresh peaches and it was the best muffin I think I've ever tasted.

Served it with a little pineapple water.
(Ever wonder what to do with your pineapple core? Add it to your ice water and let it sit for a few hours. Heaven. Learned that tip at our Maui resort.)

The kids and I water-painted. I haven't picked up a brush in years, but it was fun to try it out again.

Lydia is working on her early morning yoga.

We are all trying to focus on healthy habits this summer.
A multi-colored diet is the key to good health.

We have a HUGE patio that needs a lot of work. But for now, we are spending our days on it, eating watermelon, swimming in the kiddie pool and DANCING! Lydia gets her moves from me.

Want to see why I LOVE Collin's laugh? See the video here.

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Oh more thing....

I'm going to start adding to instagram #flashbackfriday from now on. 
Just for fun.

This is Shane and I as newlyweds in Guatemala. Tikal to be exact. We had so many adventures before the kids came along.

We get excited now-a-days when we get to go to the Sonic Drive thru.
(Though our kids have been our greatest adventure for sure.)

life rearranged


Jenn said...

LOVE both videos!!! Makes me miss you guys even more :) Happy summer!!!

Knowles Family said...

Dang! I'm so sad I missed the ant show!
(this is Rachel, by the way, not Josh!)

Natalie Jane said...

Well, I'm glad you both missed it. :)

Unknown said...

pineapple core in water... I must try this!! ants are evil ~ haha!

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