Friday, June 8, 2012

InstaFriday #7

Hello Summer!

I've got about three weeks of camera photos to share, so bear with me. 

While summer is here for most everyone, Lydia still has a little over a week of school.
She saw this sign on our next door neighbors house and got a little sad that we aren't out yet.

I don't feel too bad for her. She isn't exactly deprived.

Got her a "summer haircut" and manicure. 
Seven inches gone. :(

It's pretty cute.

And still looked nice for, gulp, cheer camp.
I don't know how I was convinced to let her sign up.
There was a lot of begging.

On the day of the cheer camp "performance", Shane made the kids cheerleading pancakes.
That is a pom pom and a cheerleader with a high ponytail.
He's awesome.

She loved showing off her new cut at a friend's "fashion show" birthday party.

Collin has had his share of fun too.
Mainly because with a face like his, he gets whatever he wants. 

Guys day out.

Little sous chef. 
Rainy day summer bucket list.... Make peach muffins for dinner in our jammies. 
Eat them in front of the fireplace while reading "if you give a moose a muffin"

Broadway, here we come!

This was lunch one day.

Think this waffle cone is big enough? Thank heavens for TCBY and their dairy free options for my little boy. And the soft serve is peanut free for my little girl. And Wednesday is half off which is great for mommy who is allergic to paying full price.

Speaking of being cheap. I went yard selling (it's NUTS in Meridian!)

Got three bags of vintage fabric for $1.50.

And a lot more that I won't disclose on the off chance Shane reads this.

We are making some of our favorite summer foods.

Got a fluted cake maker on crazy clearance.
That's cornbread.
(Peas are so gross. Why does the rest of my little family like them?)

Shane brought home fresh sourdough from San Francisco. 
I fixed myself scrambled eggs with basil, tomato and mozzarella. A nice fresh peach. 
I hid in my room so my kids wouldn't steal my fruit.

They are total fruit addicts.

They drank most of my freshly squeezed OJ.
(Like my table cloth? Made from some of that vintage fabric I bought. Let's hear it for no-sew tape!)

Shane and I got to go to Five Guys, by ourselves while the kids were at a birthday party.
We never get to go because of all the dang peanuts all over the floor are not safe for Lydia.
Have I ever mentioned how annoying my kid's food allergies are?

Once or twice? Well, you'll hear it a lot more, because they suck.

But our date was nice.

As was black light bowling. We are trying to move out of the dinner and/or movie rut.

I experimented a bit with my hair for a girls night out.
Need the roots done so badly.

But I mainly stick with a sock bun because I'm mad lazy.
And it's summertime!

And, as a little lesson in humiliation...
Let me preface this video by saying had I known I would have ended up posting it here, I would have not tried signing opera while sitting hunched over on the floor. I am not an opera singer. Nor do I claim to be. I was just trying to teach the kids what it meant to lip-sync. And to make them laugh.

life rearranged


Unknown said...

It looks like you guys had a great week. I am super jealous of your vintage fabric!

~julee~ said...

The opera video was just precious, and I'm jealous of your fabric finds. And I'm also allergic to paying full price! Have a great weekend!

Elena @ CDACN said...

Oh my you got the sock bun to work? Can you please share how? Check out my instafriday and see how the sock bun worked out for my hair is to short but oh well

Kekes said...

The lip sync video made my day. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos especially the first one- what a doll! And you are so right, who could say no to that boy's face?!
I came over from Insta-Friday with Jeannett- my first!

Mindy said...

Love, Love, Love the video!!! It is all the silly moments that the kids will remember and love!

Anonymous said...

gosh, lydia is such a beautiful young girl!
I love the first photo of her!

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