Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What nagging gets you....

I mentioned in my post "What I've learned in a decade of Marriage", that nagging is a destructive means of communication and should be avoided. That doesn't mean, however, that I'm perfect at it. 

Recently, I've been asking Shane to please invite his 3 siblings and their families to spend Christmas with us. I reminded him quite a few times. It was blatant nagging. But I wanted to know if they were coming so we could make alternative plans if a Boise Christmas was not in the works this year. 
And it just seemed polite.

"Shane. How hard is it to write a two sentence invite? It will take you 30 seconds. Do you just want me to invite them?"

"Natalie, I will get around to it as soon as I get a chance. I want to email them."

This exchange occurred about 15 more times.

The last time he added "maybe I want to say it in a certain way". 

To which I rolled my eyes. (Also not a good way of communicating.)

The next day, this email hit my inbox, along with the rest of Shane's family.

Greetings siblings, near and far. As I, my beloved spouse, and cherished offspring settle our feathers into our new nest, we feel inclined to christen our new and humble abode with a celebration of love with those we love the most. We hear the call of hearts and fates unknown to gather round those dear and true and hold them close during the chill season of slumber and dusk. In acknowledgement of those silent yet persistent voices, we send out this message across the miles to beckon those who are able to turn your eyes West and commit your hearts and feet to the arduous yet promising trek to gather together in our cozy cottage in the foothills of the mountains and commemorate our love and lives during the annual celebration of Yule. We'll laugh and love and hold each other close as we reminisce on happy times and look forward to more to come. "Make hay while the day lasts", the Fates whisper, "for tomorrow is a vague shimmer of uncertainty seen through a gossamer veil, that changes and shifts constantly without warning and without pity." We yearn for such camaraderie, even though it may be for only a short while, and hereby extend this formal invitation to those who have ears to hear: Come ye, to our home; and your home. For ours is yours, with doors open as wide as our hearts. Come and drink and be merry, and knit your hearts together with ours in the tapestry of love and family and hope. Come.

With love and devotion immovable,


Oh Shane. You are my perfect match. You fight brilliantly.

(P.S. He writes epic dirty limericks as well.)

Happy 4th of July!!! 


Hailey said...

Brilliant! That was so awesome! If I were a family member and received that email, I wouldn't think twice. I would accept that invitation immediately! Awesome!

Jessie Jones said...

This is awesome. Brilliance at its best!

Amy F. said...

Wow! What a writer, I guess it was worth the wait huh?

BrittneyPlummer said...

Hey.. I read your blog but Neal never checks his email. He's sound asleep beside me BUT I will show him Shane's email in the morning and he'll get a kick out of it! PS Were totally taking the invite and coming to Boise for a white Christmas. And we'll be calling in over the weekend to see if we can come visit in the next couple weeks. We decided to take a two week road trip West. Can't wait to meet ya finally :) -Brittney

Natalie Jane said...

YAY!!!!! Let us know when you want to come over. We are supposed to leave for Spokane on the 16th, but we can wait a few days. :)

Jami Mayer said...

Wow, I'm speechless! Quite a catch you have there! I love hearing about you "learning" for your mistakes or life lessons- it helps keep me in check too!

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