Thursday, December 17, 2009

Having the best night ever!

So it's midnight, and I totally should be asleep, but I am too much in the groove of wrapping gifts to stop now. I had such a great night tonight. As soon as I got Collin to sleep, I headed out - leaving Shane to get Lydia to bed.

I ran errands for hours and I got EVERYTHING done. ALL my Christmas shopping is now finished. Oh...just a few hours out alone is such bliss. To treat myself, I picked up some yummy late night snacks at the gourmet grocery store that just opened up.

So here I am, midnight, watching "The Holiday", eating clementines, a baguette and the goat cheese I fell in love with on my last trip to NYC. (That post about NYC pretty much sums up why these nights to myself are so very necessary.)

Since I'm up anyway, I might as well upload some photos of our Christmas decor. ***Another possible explanation as to why I am in such a great mood.....I bought myself a rather spiffy Christmas gift today. Let's just say that after this Christmas, I will no longer be taking photos with my crappy point and shoot camera. WOO WHO!!!!***

That above photo is "the hall" tree. I made the orange ornaments by cooking orange slices overnight at 150 degrees. They will last for years. The berry garland is made from dried cranberries. String them fresh, and let them dry in a cool place.

This is my little photo tree. Every year since Shane and I got married, I have framed a photo of our Christmas together. When I get enough, I am going to turn them into a garland to drape across the mantle.

My office tree. Yes. I officially have my own office now. I am very excited. To celebrate, I really wanted to do a tree decorated in my favorite color, but go figure, yellow Christmas ornaments are hard to come by.
Our bedroom tree looks like this. Shane is in there sleeping, so I can't get a photo.

Some of my favorite ornaments this year.

And the main tree. So many memories hung on the branches. I love love love Christmas time.

Now....back to the goat cheese.


carlyklock said...

The house looks beautiful, and I am SO EXCITED for your self-Christmas present! You'll have to let us know what you got and how you like it. :)

Mommystired said...

Your OWN office!? At home? Lucky duck, that is what I want for Christmas....

Dave and Abby said...

You got the camera! Oh yeah! Now you can really capture the magic of Shane's Saturday morning pancakes. ;)

Lisa B. said...

I love ALL your many Christmas trees!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love all your decorations!!! The oranges are great!

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