Wednesday, May 6, 2009

POM Wonderful is wonderful

When Pom Wonderful asked me if I would like to review their product it look me all of 5 seconds to write back in the (ecstatic) affirmative. I love Pomegranates. When I went to school in Jerusalem, there was a pomegranate tree on my bedroom balcony. I ruined half of my tops eating fresh pomegranates off the tree. I LOVE POM Wonderful juice.
Since I had such a huge quantity to work with, I started experimenting. My personal favorite was the Pom Shirley Temple. I make a lot of moctails, so I thought that Pomegranate juice might brighten up a regular Shirley Temple. I was very right. Just club soda, grenadine, POM juice and a maraschino cherry. Yum. The color was so elegant, it would be lovely for a party or shower.

Lydia's favorite was the "Princess Drink. (See photo). I like to make homemade lemonade, and adding POM juice made it all the better. I made the drink for myself, but when Lydia saw it, she looked at it with hands extended "Is that Princess drink for me?" Well, how can I deny her that?

Shane's favorite is the simplest recipe, but I must say, it is genius. He adds POM juice to his diet coke. I can't believe I never thought of it before. It is so delicious! He never drinks a soda now unless it has a POM kick. I don't mind. Soda is terrible for you, so if he is going to splurge, why not add something healthy. (Did you know that POM juice has more antioxidants than red wine? Who knew?)

Thanks POM for the fantastic supply! I am totally hooked.
To read up on more POM health facts, check here.

(Is it just me, or does my three year old look a little spoiled here. I personally don't remember getting my juice served with an umbrella.)


Hannah said...

I'm a lover of POM too! Yum!

(I think Lydia looks precious.)

~Shawna~ said...

She is so cute!!!!
I'll have to try that - sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

I have never had POM but that picture of her drinking her princess drink is sooo cute!

House Queen said...

I have never heard of this! Sounds great!

Katie said...

Just stopping over from SITS and oh my goodness! Your daughter is so beautiful. I would kill for her hair.

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