Sunday, May 17, 2009

Biggest Fear

My thought...."hey this looks like Lydia!"
Shane's thought...."this is the freakiest think I have every seen."

----A while ago, Shane was staying with friends overnight and they were explaining where he would be sleeping. He said "As long as it isn't a room displaying a huge doll collection, I'm good with whatever." They just stared at him and opened the door to show....the guest room/doll room. Hundreds of dolls staring down at him. What are the odds? For the record, our friends don't collect dolls. It was their in-laws house. Somehow Shane made it through the night without being murdered by a deranged barbie. ----
Personally, I am afraid of walking on a floor/bridge when I can see the ground beneath me. Terrifying.
Got any strange fears? Lydia is petrified of fruit flies.


momma rayne said...

I live in a two story home but am scared to death of fire, and wont allow my youngest to sleep alone upstairs because i have fear i would not be able to get to her in time.

Hannah said...

That is such a funny story - well, not funny for Shane, though. :)

I have an irrational fear of frogs. When I was 10 or so, I found some tadpoles and had them in a fishbowl in my room. In the middle of the night, I started hearing a plinking was the sound of the tadpoles starting to jump.

That did me in. Petrified ever since.

House Queen said...

I am scared of dogs!!! One got me down and held me when I about 3 years old. It didn't hurt took away my food I was eating. was terrifying for me and I cannot get over it.

Great story!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ How funny! Dolls...

Olivia FREAKS out with spiders but she'll hold roly poly bugs in her hands and pick up worms! Go figure! As for me I'll stay away from all insects and snakes... yuck!

Jodi Renshaw said...

I agree with Shane --- especially about THAT doll. Very freaky.


Unknown said...

Okay that doll is a bit creepy...okay way creepy.

I am scared of clowns and any kind of bug you can think of LOL

xcdenke said...

Shane was such a trooper. He even had a choice between 2 rooms. Guess you could say he faced his fears. If you ask me, it is still a creepy room even if you aren't scared of dolls. Sorry Shane. But, I'm so proud of what a big boy you are now. LOL

To this day I will ALWAYS think of you when I cross over any stairs or bridges you can see through. I'll never forget MT.

My biggest fears are my kids being kidnapped, sharks and Mountain lakes, specifically the dead bodies people can stash in mountain lakes. I know, sound crazy! Yes, I will swim in the water, but I never underestimate what I've seen in the movies.

Natalie Jane said...

Oh Carrie - I will never forget MT either. That was terrifying. Though you would think that that haunted shack we found would have been scarier.

Remember swimming in that mountain lake in the Cascades? We both swore there were dead people around us.

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