Friday, July 11, 2008

I need to watch more TV

I know that sounds a little odd. A goal to watch more TV? Here's the thing. I really don't watch much TV. I don't watch any reality-TV because most of it is asinine, and the shows that are okay are totally addictive and I don't have time to spend my evenings wondering who is going to be "voted off". I know I would be obsessed, so better to completely refrain. As for daytime TV, I watch 15 minutes of the news while Lydia is eating breakfast and then turn it off. I do that because daytime TV is also asinine, and the shows that are okay are an hour long every day and Lydia would go crazy either trying to get my attention or (worse) would watch them with me (I really try to limit Lydia's TV time).

Now, if you have gone to dinner with me lately you know that this above statement cannot be true because I know every recent (non-reality) show in existence. Well here's the thing: when my friend Jenn asked me to start a jewelry line for her boutique, I deliberated for a while before making my decision. By the time I decided to start Paisley Lane I had 10 days to get over 100 pairs of earrings ready for her store opening. To do this I spent every evening (after Lydia went to bed) sorting beads, making designs and finally making the jewelry. To pass the time I watched and I worked for 10 days from 8pm-1am every night. That is a lot of TV.

Then I picked up a second boutique and they wanted necklace/bracelet/earring sets. So back to the beading desk in the evenings and back to
By the time I finally had some inventory in reserve, I thought I was burnt out on TV, except for Thursday nights (during non-strike seasons) when I cozy up with The Office and 30 Rock (and Lost, of course). Other than that, I basically leave the tube alone.

Yesterday I did something totally uncharacteristic. I turned on "The Barefoot Contessa" on Food Network. Oh, Ina. I have missed you. What have I been thinking? "The Barefoot Contessa" is on at noon! That is when Lydia eats lunch and I can turn her away from the TV and have a little me-time while eating my own lunch. I can't believe how excited I am about this. Ina Garten is my idol. I love her house, her parties, her food, her style. I NEED 30 minutes of Ina daily.

Ina: You top my list of people I am dieing to lunch with. Call me.


Anonymous said...

Is that where you get all of your receipes? Like your "famous" herbal ice tea? :


Natalie Jane said...

Yes. You caught me.

Bunny B said...

I don't watch much tv either!! I would love to watch more too :)

Anonymous said...

I knew that you said that you got your recepies from the Ina Garten cookbooks, but I didn't realize she was the Barefoot Contessa from TV. I love her too!


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