Monday, July 14, 2008


Paisley Lane Giveaway is closed! Next time I do a giveaway I will make it last for a week. Two weeks is too long! I loved getting to know so many new people. I will definitely do this again next month.

I entered the entries into for the most unbiased results. And the winners are:

First place - Sophie who said "You happen to comment on the right blog, because I'm a huge fan of handmade jewelry, particularly earrings. :) These look so pretty!"

Second place - Danielle Christiansen who said "Can you see my little comment way down here at the bottom? Your stuff is darling and I would love to be the possessor of such an extraordinary find. I am about to have a baby and since I do not feel beautiful anyway. i need as much dressing on me as possible! Thanks for the fun giveaway."

Third place - Jennifer who said "I found your site through Melissa at MFD. Your jewelry is beautiful as is your daughter! Great pics and blogs! Definitely one I'll come back to view over and over!"

Now I feel a little bad that Amber, TJ and Kate got both 4th and 5th place - so I will be sending Amber a surprise pair of earrings.

As for Kristi in 6th place. Well, I was going to award you a special prize anyway. 1st, for being the high commenter on my blog the last two weeks and second for being the first to say you wanted to make a trade. Check out the bag she made me!!!!

Other prizes awarded:

All of my sister's will be getting a prize since they had the funniest responses to the giveaway:

Emily said "You are the pretty sister."

Abby said "This is Dave. I want the earrings. I figure after reading the Twilight series, wearing women's jewelry is the next step. You aren't a Mary Kay consultant by chance...Just kidding - Dave didn't write this, I did! Ha ha! He'll kill me!I love you Nat! ."

Molly said "I always brought you a glass of water..." (Inside joke. Check out her blog for funny china footage she brought home)
(Mom - I will send you something so you don't feel left out. )

Also Joy I loved your comment on my bedroom blog, so I will be sending you a pair of earrings.

And lastly, April, I will be sending you the "bad attitude" prize for your crappy comment on the giveaway. April said "I am leaving a comment". Since I know April, I know that she was trying to get in on the winnings without showing any enthusiasm. Nice. So here you go...

I had these random vintage clip earrings that I made pierced and then thought "what do I do with these?" Congrats April :)

All winners make sure to email me your addresses so I can get these mailed out. Sophie let me know what your pick is of the prizes so that I can let the other two winners choose. Check back for another giveaway next month!


Anonymous said...

It looks like I am the 3rd place winner! How exciting!!!!! I would definitely be pleased with whatever, it’s all so beautiful! I truly I love reading your blog. I don’t always get to time to comment, so consider me your log stalker. Now, I guess I’ll have to check out your Essay blog too.


April said...

I am laughing right now...

I was just following the contest rules...

I seriously love your jewelry- I have surfed your paisley lane website more than once...I just figured my odds weren't in my favor...

I love the vintage earings!!!!! I will email my address soon- thank you Natalie. Yeah I'm a winner. I never win anything.

Robyn said...


kristi lee said...

sweet! i think that has to be the biggest giveaway ever. . .how many winners? 15???!!

Blessed said...

even though I didn't win - I have to say that I love the way you did the giveaway and announced your winners!

Danielle Christiansen said...

How exciting second place I feel so privilaged. Thank you so much, it is so generous for you to do this! danielle

Sophie said...

Hi Natalie :)

I just emailed you back, I am so sorry it took forever; I lost the password to that account because I rarely check it :P. I hope it's not too late, though I understand if it is. I would be more than happy with earrings, I love those rose earrings! Thanks so much, this was a very sweet gift!

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