Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Night Epiphanies

What I learned last night while out with a friend:

1. Retail therapy should be included on my health insurance plan. It is better than a therapist.

2.Tina Fey is possibly the funniest person alive and is now in my top 5 people I want to hang with.

3. I am totally addicted to three things: Dark rinse jeans (I bought another two pairs last night), any other wardrobe item that is black (new pair of black patent leather shoes) and chocolate. (Thank you Kristi for sneaking them into the theater last night. I am not sure which was better, the chocolate or the movie.)

Cute huh? Ann Taylor Loft is having an awesome sale.


Anonymous said...

Totally cute!!!


kristi lee said...

Haven't had a chance to blog about it yet but I had the exact same thoughts! I've been in such a better mood this weekend. I know retail therapy helps but is short lived. The laughs (oh, and incredible m&m's) were what made my "high" continue!

Gilbert Family said...

Those new M&M's are REALLY good! I have had the rasberry ones and they were divine AND I totally agree that retail therapy is WAY better than a therapist! I insist on putting "girls night out" on my MUST DO monthly list and shopping is always part of the agenda :)

The jeans are great!

Marcy Massura said...

We may have been seperated at birth. Those are my new favs as well. And Tina Fey? Seriously I would marry that woman...well, you know what I mean right? Okay- I will stop typing now!

Whitney said...

I have to agree with you on Tina Fey! I saw Baby Mama last weekend and I loved that movie! We should watch it sometime for girls night!

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