Monday, July 28, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the movies.

Last week Lydia and I were getting stir crazy in the house. Rain was pending, so the park was out. I decided as a special treat I would take her to see a movie. We start out and immediately the rain begins. One thing I love about the South is the storms. Sudden and intense, they are almost frightening. This one topped almost anything I had ever seen. Within minutes the lightning started. As we were getting nearer to the movie I felt strongly to move my arm away from the side of the car were it was resting. Suddenly I was blinded by a flash of light and I screamed at the most intense thunder crash I have every heard. Then my car died. Everything shut down. Through the curtain of rain I could see the building of Shane's previous employer and I coasted into the parking lot, running a stop sign on the way. It wasn't until I was actually parked that I noticed my car smelled like smoke and realized that I had actually been hit by lightning.

I quickly got Lydia out of the car and into the building. Shane was in San Diego on a business trip, so I called his best friend Todd. Todd yelled into the phone that he was outside in the rain trying to keep his house from flooding and he couldn't hear me. - So no help there.
Long story short. In about an hour the tow guy comes to get the car. I thought that Lydia would like watching from the window at how that car was loaded up. This turned out to be a very bad idea. She was terrified at someone taking our car and was desperately to save it. After calming her down, one of Shane's old co-workers offered to take us home. We pull out of the parking lot to see the freeway at a total standstill. We turn on the radio. - They were reporting 50 wrecks within the last hour. The freeway was completely shut off due to semi wrecks. The main road to my house - flooded and closed. The backway to my house - backed up for miles. After almost an hour of driving around trying to find a way home - we are finally dropped off at my friend Wendy's house. 6 hours after leaving for the movie, Wendy drops us off at home.
Of course the power is out, air conditioning included. The house has to be in the high 80's. That night Lydia wouldn't sleep in her room. It was too quiet without her little fan and too hot. Instead she "sleeps" with me. Actually, she thrashes throughout most of the night -screaming that her car is gone. Finally she says that she wants to sleep on the floor and she dozes on some blankets for about 2 hours before her nightmares start again and I have to rock her and sponge her little forehead with a damp cloth until morning.
Lets just say that this was not the best day ever. To add salt to the wound. This is where Shane was staying during this time:

And this is what he was driving.

But still....happy ending. Shane brought me home a little treat.
Everything is better with a love letter and some See's Chocolates.

Follow up:

Later it was found that most likely the lightning hit the road around me and I was just within the shock radius. The only damage to my car was the complete obliteration of my electrical system. No cosmetic damage. Still... our entire cruise budget went to fixing my car. Sigh.


Emily Taylor said...

I think that is the craziest thing I have ever read.

April said...

ok...that is so weird. Wouldn't some kind of insurance pay for the damage- lightning insurance? LOL- I just really want you to go on your cruise.

Anonymous said...

Shut up. Seriously?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that was terrible. You made it sound like I did not want to help you…………the storm ordeal. Did Shane tell you that I called you twice that day after I got off the phone with you to see if you were alright? I called him after I tried you because I was worried…..I don’t see that anywhere on your site…….hahahahahaha.

Anyway that was a bad storm. You should have seen the house, I swear it was flooded. It made us sick to our stomachs. I had to remove the trim from the front door, on the inside, and remove some of the sheetrock. I just got the new trim put up today and am going to paint it tomorrow. I think I have the problem corrected now.

Why don’t you put the picture of our front door on your website so that you can show the quality work that I do….yeah, that would be awesome……just don’t mention the leak….


Randi said...

holy cow. that is insane.

beth said...

yeah, i never want to drive in a rainstorm again. how scary is that? so glad that the both of you are ok. hope lydia can have a good nights sleep.

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh, no!! So glad you all are ok, but, bummer about the cruise budget. Hope all gets taken care of quickly!

Abby said...

Since the cruise is out of the question, how about an adventurous excursion through swamps and humid prairie lands, where you sleep in a primitive hut, and eat a variety of native foods? Granted the swamps are from the recent floods, the hut is made of whitewashed cinder blocks, and the native food is some sorry attempt at an ethnic dish totally botched! If this is your dream vacation, welcome to Iowa!

Natalie Jane said...

Um. No. Thanks anyway Abby. Why don't you come visit sunny Tenny for a weekend?

Unknown said...

What a day! I am so glad that y'all are ok, though.

Anonymous said...

Wow - insane and freaky. I'm glad you guys were fine though. Well, besides the chaos, trying to get home, not having hubby with you, and the poor munchkin thinking they were stealing the car. Oh and the hot, restless night. hehe

And that Todd dude - how rude! Totally kidding - I just read his comment lol.

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