Monday, April 22, 2013

Insta-(Monday) #34

These keep getting later and later in the week. And I really need to start using my "real" camera more often. It's just so much work. All that changing the white balance and uploading to my computer. Not to mention how big it is. I'm a camera phone junkie these days. 

I was SUPER bummed I had to miss the Snap conference this year due to Shane's travel schedule. I made myself a nice platter of blue cupcakes to console myself.

Actually, they were for a baby shower. But they did make me feel better. 

Shane is teaching Lydia to ride her new bike. He's really good at stuff like this.

I mostly hung out with Collin while he flew his kite. 

Ever wonder if my kids look alike?

We made freezer jam with no chunks. Just the way we like it.

In other news - 

1. Pulled out all the color in my wardrobe. At least my accessories still fit.
2. Got myself a Spring manicure.
3. Collin has been coming in to bed with us every single night lately. But I have a hard time kicking him out. He'll only be the baby for a few more months.
4. My kitchen was amazingly clean one afternoon. So we got frozen yogurt for lunch to avoid messing it up. Priorities people.
5. I did make my favorite salad for dinner. Grilled chicken over greens with vinaigrette, hummus, tomatoes, goat cheese and pita bread. So good.
6. And my cousin Lindsay made me the most darling baby gifts! Yellow and gray chevron wipe case!

In the process of making my own baby gift for my new little daughter. 
Now I just need to pick her name! 


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Joy@WDDCH said...

My 3-year-old has also been coming to my bed a lot. I also soak it up. I think it's just a transition period and it will be over soon anyway. We're big cosleepers (or I should say *I* am a big cosleeper because I keep the littles on my side and Daddy doesn't sleep well with anyone else in our bed). So it didn't bother me, although the bigger I get, the more uncomfortable I get if she's in there with me.

My two older girls don't snuggle with me anymore like they did as toddlers, sneaking into my room in the darkness of the early morning hours and curling up in my arms.

Push Pop Mama said...

What are you embroidering???

The Thomas Family said...

Too bad Penelope would invariably become the initials P.P. for her :( Thought I was on to something ..and no it's not my mission to name your daughter either...just love your names & eagerly await the newest one!

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