Wednesday, April 17, 2013

eShakti Review and $25 for everyone!

I've always thought that if I had all the money in the world, one the first things I would get would be a professional taylor. Right after a cook, housekeeper, personal trainer, masseur and home designer. But taylor would be right up there. I love the thought of my clothes being made just for me and my exact measurements. 

So you can guess I was pretty excited about eShakti, a clothing site where you can choose clothes to be made to your specific measurements and specifications! 

Pick your sleeve length, hem length, neckline and pockets. AND you enter in your exact measurements  and the clothes are made for you! WOW! Tall, petite, big problem! Ready to wear clothes are also available if you're in a hurry.

Different clothing items have different things you can adjust. The selection is so huge, you're sure to find something perfect. 

Have a wedding to attend? Try the Louisa dress. Comes in black too.

Maybe a Banded lace jacket is more your style.

You know I love this mustard tank.

A colorblock pleated skirt would be a perfect trendy staple to pair it with.

This Painterly Floral Dress is too cute for words!  

A while ago, eShakti asked me if I wanted to review a dress and of course I said yes!

I picked out the Paris dress

I asked for hidden pockets to be added, along with short sleeves and a bit extra on the hem. 

 But I am SOOO embarrassed. I ordered it when I was only a couple months pregnant, thinking I would have a bit until I started showing. Not so. When I got the dress is was so perfect....except I was busting out the top and the waist :( I can't wait to try it on again after getting back to pre-baby weight. 

I did snap a quick photo. But I could hardly breath. :)

Maybe I'll be ready to wear it next Easter?

Anyway, other than my clueless ordering, I LOVE eShakti. And guess what? 
Right now EVERYONE who's a new customer gets $25 to spend! 
Just head over to the site and register!
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