Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The mice will play

The very very worst thing about being a stay at home mom? 

Sick days. 

Sick days when your husband is out of town.

Yesterday and today have not been great. 

Though, can I say how proud I am of my little girl? She has been taking full care of Collin while I lay on the couch and try not to move.

Except for this play doh moment when she was distracted and I had to intervene.

And all the times I had to move to offer substance and clean diapers, give bathes and wipe noses, and all the essential mom duties that don't go away even when you feel terrible. 

But only the essentials are getting done.

The house has NEVER been this messy.


There is not one toy that has not been pulled out.

I haven't opened Lydia bedroom door today. I'm afraid.

Collin hurt his hand on a toy and I actually heard him cry "Woe Is ME!"

That was kind of awesome. Not him getting hurt of course. Just him being darling.

(My kids really are darling.)

The kids didn't like the chicken, veggies and rice I reheated from the other night.

Collin actually threw zucchini at Lydia.

(Okay, maybe not all that darling.)

Too tired to put up a fight.

They had the "treat" cereal for lunch.

The treat cereal spilled all over the floor. 

It's still there and I'm not cleaning it up anytime soon.

I screamed at my doctor on the phone. There may have been some light swearing. 

That was inappropriate. I feel bad about that. Lightly. 

(Two DAYS before I can have an antibiotic!!! Are you freaking insane? Have you ever had a UTI???)

How's your day?


Ai Mei said...

Oh my goodness, I felt as if you broke into my home with your picture. I have the SAME time warner cable remote AND Uniden cordless phone, lol.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I've been there with a UTI. And you need to get on antibiotics stat! Otherwise you can get a kidney infection! Tell your doctor that!

The AZO pills can work wonders in the meantime though, just FYI. For the pain and nausea.

I can't believe I'm talking about this on a blog, haha.

Ashlynn said...

I have chronic uti's and they are awful!! Yes antibiotics are neccessary but like previous post said, the cranberry pills work wonders. Anything with an analgesic. Also a hot bath really helps me although the dr would probably tell you that a shower is better.. Hope u feel better soon!!

Unknown said...

Lets look on the bright side.... at least your pants are still on:)

Natalie Jane said...

Who said that Molly? Pants are not essential.

amydear said...

Augh. This sounds AWFUL! Have you called your VT in for reinforcement? I hope Shane comes home. Wish I lived in your town. I would take your kids.

Alzbeta said...

To be honest, I would have screamed as well... I did once get very heated with my doctor's office when I told them I had raging mastitis and they told me they could maybe see me later that week... yeah, there was no way I was waiting! I hope you feel better really soon!

Amy F. said...

I feel for you Natalie, I get Mastitis really frequently when I'm nursing babies and I get really bad morning sickness, so I'm pretty sure that your house, even as messy as it is, isn't as messy as my house has been before!! It was the worst this last pregnancy when I was on bedrest. Jesse is practically perfect in every way, but housecleaning is not in his skill set. I hope you get your antibiotics soon!!!!

Margot Clemmons said...

Woe is me. Hilarious. Hope you feel better!

Push Pop Mama said...

Yikes! You don't mess around with UTI's! There are the WORST!!!!

Laurie said...

Hope you feel better soon! I agree, your kids are darling :)

Lisa B. said...

UTI's are miserable. I hope you're feeling better!!!

Unknown said...

Hope you recovery has been quick! Irrelevant FYI: I have that EXACT same remote AND home phone!?!??!?! Ha!

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