Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday night answers....

I get asked the same question all the time.

"How do you find so much time to blog?"

Sometimes it's asked nicely, and sometimes it's asked as in "how are you able to spend anytime with your kids when you blog so much?"

I usually don't respond to the latter.

Anyway, here's the answer to that.

I do 95% of my blogging on Saturday Movie night with Shane. We get take-out and watch a movie together. But unless it is a really really great movie that I've never seen, I have a hard time focusing. So after we get done eating, I pull the laptop out. I edit photos, read blog posts and finish up "lovely lists". By the end of the night I usually have 4 or 5 posts done. It's an amazing detox for me.

At the moment, Shane and I are watching Thor.

Now, for that other 5%, sometimes a moment hits when I feel like I really need to get some thoughts out. In that occasion, I might write something when Collin is napping, or when the kids are in the bath. But that's rare. I try not to blog during the day.

***Side note. Thor is super dumb. Only about 3% of my attention is sticking with it.


Other questions I've been meaning to answer.

"Just curious, if you don't mind, could you elaborate on some of the things that are cultural to Mormonism that drive you crazy? I've heard this from a few people lately and it's really made me think."

I was trying to think how to answer this, when Shannon made a great comment.

"There are a few cultural things... I call them "isms", but they tend to disappear when you get out of the western states. I live in New England and the culture of being a Mormon here is SO different. We tend to get down to doctrine, love people for who they are, and leave the fancy stuff at the door. Very different than where I grew up in AZ, but it is great."
******** Love that answer! Couldn't have said it better. And lastly :

"Natalie, I've been wanting to get more readers to my blog. What do you recommend?"

Well - first of all, don't have a blog like mine :) My blog is niche free, as in I really don't focus on anything in particular. Well, except for the color yellow. To get a large readership, you want to pick something you're passionate about and write about it. People with that same passion will find you. My blog is mostly a place for me to talk about whatever floats my boat. I'll never have a huge blog, but that's okay. I sure like writing it. Way better than Thor.
(Also, make sure to comment on other's blogs. I don't get to do this near as often as I would like, but commenting leads people back to you. If they like what they see, they will probably stick around. )
Have any other questions? Feel free to email me
Back to the movie. Shane brought home chocolate. :)

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Cari said...

For me it's either blogging or therapy! Blogging is way more fun and a lot less expensive ;)

Heileson Family said...

Yes thor was dumb. Enoch and I made fun of it the whole time. He was cute though. Captain America is much better. I am still excited for the avengers though.

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