Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutest little ragamuffin

Oh my word, this boy is darling. Even on days like this when I've completely failed him, like this day. We had to take Lydia to school and we were late. So instead of getting him dressed, I left him in his mismatched jammies, grabbed a pair of baby legs to keep him warm, "cat in the hat" socks and a hair rubber band as a bracelet. Actually, Collin accessorized the bracelet himself.

And I think I need to get his hair cut. It looks like he has bangs.

Even so, he's so cute, he totally owns this look. (SOOO happy he's holding on to those baby cheeks. I get to kiss them everyday!)

Today is the most glorious rainy fall day. We are eating leftover lentil soup and the most scrumptious pumpkin cookies. As I've mentioned before, rainy Autumn days fall second only to a winter blizzard in my book. Getting excited for those winter days. Just bought out plane tickets to Washington state for Christmas. Already praying for snow. (Though not as hard as I did in years past.)

Speaking of Christmas, don't forget to enter the Minted giveaway!!!!
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