Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aw Love.

Lately I've been thinking how incredible it is to be in love. Probably because Autumn is the most romantic season in my option. I've been thinking mostly about being in love after marriage. It's totally different from the "beginning love" of falling in love. Which is an experience all it's own and not to be diminished. But something about being deeply and utterly in love with the person who has been by your side for many years is beautiful.  It's comforting in a way that makes trial bearable and gray days brighter. To know that every Christmas, birthday, anniversary and Tuesday will be with a person who you adore and who adores you is a joy unlike any other. I'm pretty much crazy about my husband. We shared a frosty from Wendys on our date night this weekend and I got all flustered just sitting next to him in the car. With car seats in the backseat. We had frostys on our first date too.

Newlyweds on a trip to Guatemala. The days when our passports actually got some use.
My goodness, we were young.

For 5 years I thought there was no way I could love him more. 
And then I had his baby.

It really does change everything.

I love being around couples who are crazy about each other too.

My best friend Carrie married Xander, the sweetest guy in the world. I loved this guy as soon as I saw how much he loved my friend. We are planning to buy a private Island between the four of us and only invite really really cool people.

I love that Shane's sister is married to one of my best friends. 
(You two are invited to the private island of coolness. FYI)


My cousin Lindsay and her husband Josh took part in the most incredible photo shoot

Aren't they the most beautiful couple?

I know. I kind of hate them too.

My friend Mara, who I only run into on the rare times I visit NYC, just started a lovely blog called
A Blog About Love, exploring marriage, infertility, and loving after divorce. It's very inspirational.

I love this wedding so much. I don't know the couple, but they seem crazy about each other. I'm thinking about having a vow renewal party just to copy it. A party about love. Weddings are the best!

Speaking of which, Shane's brother Neal is recently engaged. They are the cutest couple ever!
New love is pretty incredible too.

Aw love. 

It's super.

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Kristin said...

Yes it is! And I love how it just grows deeper, broader, and more encompassing with time. Great post!

Rachelle said...

i loved this post natalie. you are soo right. this is the best. i love reading your posts. i feel like i can hear your voice in my head just talking like we are having lunch or something. you are kind of a rockstar in my head. haha. xo. - rachelle :)

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

"To know that every Christmas, birthday, anniversary and Tuesday will be with a person who you adore and who adores you is a joy unlike any other."

I love that. I mean, yeah, I'm a newlywed and everything is sweet & gushy right now, but I do love love. A lot. ;)

xcdenke said...

Ummm... of course I LOVE this post!!!! And I am one of the blessed ones who can completely agree with Natalie and about love, falling in love and being SO in love with my best friend, Xander. Truly, it is a love achieved by few. I'm so happy to be along for this ride with you and Shane on our private island. :)

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