Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkins and Puke.

Saturday: Shane ran his first half marathon. YAY!!!!!

That night our little family found ourselves skipping though the most sincere 
pumpkin patch we could find. 
Splurged on fair food and stayed up late. See our fun Saturday outing here.

It was a perfect day.

And then...

Sunday Morning: Shane kissed me goodbye at 6:30am.  I feel back asleep knowing I had at least another blissful hour of slumber. Ten minutes later I heard that tell-tale urgent cry on the monitor that only means one thing. I found a sobbing Collin in a huge puddle of vomit. The smell made me retch. I pulled him out, brushed his teeth and gave him a bath. Lydia was awake by then and decided she wanted an early morning bath too.

I cleaned up the puke.

Is there any worse chore than cleaning up vomit?

I quickly showered to get all the puke off me. I was just getting dressed when I heard Lydia scream.



Collin filled the bathtub with bright blue poop. Cotton candy apparently turns your poop blue. Good to know. Kids transfered to new bath. 

I cleaned up the poop. 

I had to shower again. The smell of my home was not pleasant. I went through a bottle of 409 and lit four candles.

No church for us. Collin was not a well boy. And I feel really bad about that because it probably had a lot to do with the food we "treated" the kids to the night before. We had a Sunday at home with lots of cuddle and naps. And more puking and baths.

And that was my weekend. 

I really do love being a mother. But sometimes it stinks.


Push Pop Mama said...

Ha! That is a stinky day!

Kathleen W. said...

Ugh, I hate vomit in the bed too. Or any vomit for that matter. Hope your little guy is feeling better! And congrats to Shane!

Dionna said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry! Those are frustrating moments to get through, for sure!

You should stop by my blog. I'm giving away a free children's book! (Just scroll down a little bit)

Kelly and Liam said...

Oh I'm so sorry!!!

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