Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time to be a collector?

I don't really collect anything. Unless you count jewelry. And purses. And dark jeans. But if I don't wear it, I probably won't collect it. But I'm thinking I might start collecting white cake stands. I find myself coveting them. And coveting is bad. So I should nip that in the bud and just get my own collection. 

Lots of different sizes. I love that they work for all seasons. 

And all special events.

I think I want make these little ones for Collin's Birthday this year.

Because no two year old birthday is complete without a cake stand.
 At least that is what my grandmother always says. 

(Just kidding. My grandma would never have an opinion on a cake stand. She owns a Cowboy and Indian Antique shop. No kidding.)

And maybe I should collect some yellow ones too. Just to round out the collection. :)


Little update: Valentine's day was a bit quiet at our house but very nice. Everyone was still a little sick. But the Valentine lady came, much to the delight of the two youngings. I made homemade chocolate pudding (Collin got icebox cake. HATE his milk allergy!) Shane had cards for the kids to give me and while I served up the pudding and whipped cream, I could hear them working on them in the study. "Can I come in yet?" "NO mommy!" Then I turned to see both of my darlings running towards me with big red envelops and huge smiles. As long as I live, I never want to forget that image. Shane even got fancy stickers to decorate them. 

Shane stayed with his tradition of flowers, chocolates and a naughty card. No, you can't see it. Yay for him, he did his shopping at Anthropologie. A bag full of little gifts to lovely up our home. But this little number was my favorite. Smart man. Now I have to figure out how to make his Birthday wonderful tomorrow. 

Yes, I know that my detox was due to end yesterday. I've decided to start keeping a bit of a public journal about my health goals, but I don't want to have to worry about too many blog posts, so I will just update them on my Healthy Living Journal Page. When I update it, I will mention it, so no need to go checking it. Here's to new beginnings :)


Dave and Abby said...

1st: having lots of cake stands necessitates having lots of cake on with which to decorate them. This could be good or bad.
2nd: I followed your link to the Valentines Lady and read the foot note regarding you being "6 months along." I about choked. How did I not know?! Then I read the date: 2009. Ah.

Natalie Jane said...

They don't always have to be cakes....

And I'm SOOOO not pregnant.

Dawn said...

I collect white cake stands-once you start it's so hard to stop!

Carrie said...

Oh yes, I'm a collector of those, too. My favorite is my Fenton Silvercrest cake stand in Spanish Lace. I picked it up for cheap at an antique store a few years ago and it's gorgeous on holiday tables!

{and really, we DO need to hang out at some point. Too bad we live thousands of miles away!!!}

Anonymous said...

I just bought two for my upcoming May wedding, but
want to sell them after the fact.
I would love to sell them to you cheap!

Email me if you're interested :) ashley

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