Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mid-Winter Dinner

In December I watched The Barefoot Contessa special where Ina heads to London. I've never been a fan of English food, but I'm obsessed with Ina, so I immediately planned on making everything from the episode. Except the Bangers and Mash. Sausage and mashed pototoes. Not too thrilling. But then I realized I could make a really yummy variation of that with things I had right in my fridge and pantry. Got to love that!

I present - Natalie's Italian Bangers and Mash. Or Natalie's....

I don't speak Italian, so this may be really wrong :)

So easy. Prepare gnocchi - a potato pasta. (I got mine at Target!) While they are boiling (just takes a couple minutes) brown pork or turkey breakfast sausage and drain. Then add chopped onions and green peppers and cook until tender. Toss with the gnocchi, sprinkle with parmesan and "Buon appetito!" Or in the English tradition....Tuck in!

Collin got a nice cheeseless version. Lydia opted for marinara. Yes, that is a hideous cinderella bib Collin is wearing. I limit his hand-me-downs to that though. And the occasional jammies. 

Speaking of dinner, my friend Melanie from The Sisters Cafe, wrote a wonderful post about how to make family dinnertime meaningful and less stressful. I would highly recommend reading it. 
Makes me wish that Shane could get home by dinnertime, but we will just be happy with the weekends for now.


Oh, and real fast - sorry I kind of hid that Princess Giveaway behind Lydia's birthday post. Don't forget to enter! Since it wasn't ever at the top of my blog, there aren't many entries. So you have a great chance of winning!


Melanie Anne said...

I was so surprised to see my name in your post:) I have arrived--made it on Natalie's Sentiments!! yay1 Thanks for the link! And don't worry most nights Brad is not home for dinner either. Kinda sad--but we all gather around again to chatter at him while he eats his reaheated dinner! And your mid-winter meals looks yummy!!

Dawn said...

I'm completely obsessed with Ina too & London is my favorite city.Not sure how I missed that special. That dish looks delicious and super easy. I'll have to try it.

Kara said...

I might have to try this. It looks so simple and I think even my pickiest eater would eat it. Thanks for the idea!

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