Friday, February 4, 2011

Lydia's Birthday

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I always knew 5 would be a big birthday. Maybe it's the whole kindergarden thing, but 5 seems like a milestone to me. We don't always do big birthdays, but this year, I wanted it to be extra special. Moving has been hard for Lydia. She wanted to spend her birthday with her Chattanooga friends. I thought I would show her how much fun she could have with her new Boise pals. 

I love paper invites. I still remember getting one as a little girl and setting it on my dresser, gitty in anticipation.

Lydia said she wanted a "Fancy Nancy Princess Party". The cool thing about Fancy Nancy is she just takes whatever she can find and makes her life fancy. I started collecting everything fancy I could find to hang up on the walls. Nancy is also always dressed to the nine. I ordered a glamour package from My Princess Party to Go. Each girl got a dress, wand, tiara, boa and gift bag full of goodies. I'm not sure you can get much more fancy than that.

The beautiful quilt seen in this photo was done by my sister Abby as a baby gift to Lydia. It's been the focal point of her room for 5 years. Lydia loves it. Seemed fitting to have it on display.

Can you imagine being 5 and walking into a party to see this?!? They were very, very excited.

We couldn't have a drab wall for this super fancy party, now could we? I hung up the amazing quilt my sister Emily made me for Christmas. She sickens me with her talent. And yes, I did cry when I opened it. It's just so yellow.

I don't know if I've ever seen Lydia have so much fun. Duck-Duck-Goose with wands was an inspired last minute idea. The girls were just a tad wired after they got all dressed up.

Lovely little ladies.

There was a lot of birthday bling for each girl so I felt it prudent to have a Iridescent bag ready for it all. "Iridescent is a fancy word for shiny". 

Another Aunt contribution, this time from Shane's sister Sara.

My favorite part of the decor were the paper chains. I took a book of scrapbook paper and spent two nights cutting and stapling. I watched Inception while doing the stapling, and I can't look at a stapler now without imagining it's my totem.

Fancy Nancy always decorates with her dolls. (Also made by Emily.)

The birthday package came with these "glass slippers" for a hide and seek game, but I decided to make them into extra fancy candy appetizers. 

Pigs in a blanket (straight from Fancy Nancy "Bonjour Butterfly".) Made them with precooked turkey breakfast sausage from Costco and Pillsbury Crescent rolls. 

Now that's fancy.

From the beginning, Shane insisted on doing the cake. EACH of these layers has three layers. He used everything from cake boards to dowels, but it still slumped a bit under the incredible weight of his frosting. I thought it made it even more darling. Best Daddy ever.

Yum. Both Shane and the cake.

(I am aware I don't deserve him.)

I did cry a little watching her. Can I keep her this age forever? Please?

This was my gift to her. I told her sterling silver was extra fancy :) 

I love love love my fancy girl.


Unknown said...

Thanks for inviting us! Evie had such a great time. Well, I did too since I was on the sidelines watching all those pretty faces admire the dreamy decorations and gifts. You did such a great job!

Dave and Abby said...

Did mom and grandma wear pretty princesses dresses too? I want to see pictures of the sideline people.
You've outdone yourself. Next time go for a "nun' theme. Have little capes and habits for the girls to wear and they each get a rosary necklace and mini bible to take home. For lunch serve hot mash. Just tell them the princess package was sold out and this was the only one left.

Krulls in Haiti said...

This is so completely adorable! What a beautiful memory for her. I think it is extra special and sweet when dads do things like this for their little girls. When my hubby plays princess-y things with our daughter, it melts my heart (more than his wrestling with our boy!)... I love this party!

Unknown said...

absolutely incredible, natalie! how fantastic.

Ashlynn said...

What a GORGEOUS party! I know you had so much fun decorating :)

Jill said...

Oh this is the most precious party ever!! I can't wait for Amelia to have parties with her friends like this. :) We love Fancy Nancy...have all of the books! And the fact that her Daddy made her cake - well that just about makes me cry. Sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Lisa said...

How fun and what a memory she will always have of this day!

I wanted to ask where you got her personalized necklace? Love it!

House Queen said...

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS party! Soooooo FNACY! Sometimes, I feel like I am missing out by not getting to release any of my inner little girls with a daughter, but i ADORE being a mommy to two boys and I try to make their birthdays super cool as well! You did great! Once again, too bad we are not neighbors...I would have totally helped make those paper chains! So cute! YOU ROCK!!!!

Lisa said...

Okay, so this is why the mommy-blogging world is so funny because I don't even know you and yet,I thought you might like this because I know you've mentioned (alot) on this blog that you love yellow and grey. Check out this darling blog!

Natalie Jane said...

Lisa- LOVE the link thank you!!!

And I bought the sterling silver charms for Lydia's necklace here:

I found the chain in my closet :)

Melanie Anne said...

Oh my goodness that is the SWEETEST birthday party ever! Blast!! I wish I had a daughter!! I would love to plan a Fancy Nancy party, but I don't think any of my 5 sons would appreciate it!! Seriously impressed with your party planning skills! wow and Lydia is getting so big and even more beautiful! Happy Birthday Lydia! xoxo

xcdenke said...

Oh, LOVE this! What fun and sad we missed wishing her Happy Birthday. :( Give her big hugs from us. Love ya!

by Ashley Guinto said...

I can't WAIT to throw Kadence a Fancy Nancy party. I've been waiting since she was 1 :) Great job Nat.

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