Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now I remember! It is Marissa Marie!

I had this fabulous idea to dress Lydia and Collin in matching holiday wear and have their photo taken with Santa. However, the moment Lydia spied Santa she FREAKED. So instead, Collin had a solo shoot. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of my kids being well rested and coordinating, I made a snap decision to have their photo taken at the mall studio. While I was walking from Santa to the studio, no less than 8 women stopped me to find out who made my children's "adorable" tees. "Oh my gosh! I have to have those for my grandchildren"....."How perfect are those for Christmas photos"....."Matching clothes for boys and girls! What a great idea!".

So many people stopped me, if anyone was watching they would have thought I was a celebrity being petitioned for autographs.

At the time I could not remember the name of the boutique that made the tees. So I gave all the mall women my blog address and promised I would let them know where they could get tees for themselves.

Ladies from the mall (and anyone else who wants some great kids clothes), the name of the online boutique is Marissa Marie. The designer is located in Atlanta and she does the cutest kids designs. You can get burp rags, bibs and coffee sleeves too. To the lady who wanted something for her diva granddaughter - check out the Modern Girl silhouette design. So darling. I am thinking of picking it up for my own diva daughter.


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

They are super adorable! And I think it's funny that that many people stopped you! Colin and Lydia are just so cute, you have to ask. ;)

Rach said...

Cute I think I might have to make me some.
Tight on money this year.

amydear said...

Cute, cute! I will check out her site. I made my kids some cute skirts/tie last year and they still fit. Maybe initial tees would be the new part for this year.

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