Sunday, April 27, 2014

Anniversary Countdown...two weeks of love

Two weeks from now Shane and I will be celebrating our 13th anniversary. 
With the baby still nursing, we won't do our usual night away. 
Instead we are getting the entire family involved in a little project. 
For the next two weeks Shane and I are going to show each other that we love each other with small acts of service. 
And the kids are going to help us think of them. 
Lydia is planning a special family home evening tomorrow with a game of "what shows love and what doesn't". 
We will also be showing the kids photos of our wedding day and telling them some of the reasons we decided to get married.
I started us out by making Shane one of his favorite meals tonight, ham and corn chowder with sourdough rolls. We set the table with some flowers he brought home. 
I'll post with some of the fun acts of love we end up doing. 
The kids are so excited  Should be a fun two weeks! 
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TGS said...

Awe, all so sweet.

Natalie Jane said...

No thanks Ricky. I don't trust people who use that many exclamation marks. (!!!!)

pandaandlion said...

I really like this idea! :-) Happy 13th Anniversary!

Unknown said...

What a creative idea. I can't wait to see how the next two weeks go. Happy anniversary to you two!

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