Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Place Cards

I just posted this little Easter placecard holder on instagram and had some requests to post a tutorial. It's a little late to make it at home, since today is Easter, but that's what pinterest is for! And you could always put a few cut flowers in the egg instead of growing your own grass. 

For the egg, I carefully broke off the top and filled halfway with soil. Then I followed this wheatgrass growing tutorial. It took about 6 days to grow. Then I stuck a little initial sticker on the egg. 

Of course, the egg is just going to tip over on the plate.

Then I remembered some little origami egg holders I made a year or so ago. 

This is why you keep a handy box labeled "Easter" in the garage. Waste not, want not.

For the origami egg holder, I followed a video tutorial from Minted

Pretty cute for our Easter dinner! Now all I need is some ham and funeral potatoes and we will be set. 

Enjoy your Easter :)

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Lauren said...

Love and saving for next year so I can copy you!!!

Push Pop Mama said...

I die!

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