Friday, April 25, 2014

Insta-Friday #56 - SLC, Easter, new cousins and sweet kids.

My little blog is a little sad and lonely. It's about 73rd on my priority list in life. Three kids doesn't sound like much, but it's pretty time consuming. 

Yesterday I fell asleep during Elise's nap. I dreamt that I was being pressured to join PTA by someone at Lydia's school. And I punched that person very hard in the face. I think I'm tired.

But, somehow in that haze of exhaustion, good moments occur. 

Though I've been trying to avoid sugar for the last three weeks. So if I snap at you, that's why.

I did make a pan of homemade marshmallows, covered them in chopped Cadberry eggs and walnuts, and handed it to my husband with a fork. I wouldn't say that I'm the best wife in the world. But I'd say I'm at least in the top 10%.

In other news, bless instagram. It's like the lazy bloggers haven.

The dining room remodel is starting to really come together. The gray walls are so soft and welcoming and Shane really outdid himself with the bead board. The table he built looks fantastic in this room. Now to figure out what to put on the walls.

We headed down to Salt Lake City to attend the LDS General Conference and see family.
That temple always takes my breath away.

My brother-in-law and wife welcomed their new baby Jude to the world and the rest of the family was all together to meet him via skype. Adorable!

(So glad Elise is no longer a newborn.)

My sister Emily was in town so we got to meet her baby Max too! 

Let's try that again.


We love cousins.

Last week was glorious and warm. Finally.

It was perfect to eat outside. A "Ploughmans lunch" is my favorite way to get the family together, all eating off one platter. No utensils needed. Just veggies, fruit, hard boiled eggs, cheese, herbed boiled potatoes and grilled chicken. Leftovers make a great salad the next day. Planning on "cooking" this way at least once a week this summer.

Kids were shockingly unafraid of the Easter bunny.
Collin got nothing but gum in his eggs. While Lydia's age group hunt had tons of good candy.
Someone dropped the egg while planning this hunt.

Tried out some possible Easter outfits on Elise.

I love my baby!

"Guess what??? If I yell loud and long enough, mommy will just bring me into the shower instead of making me sit and play with a lot of dumb toys."

Running out the door to get Collin to preschool today, I was dressed in one of Shane's old dress shirts with a baggy sweater on top, yoga pants, ratty slippers and my hair in a pencil. When Collin saw me, he smiled. "Oh mommy. You look so beautiful." And he really meant it. You know that sweet boy got the biggest hug this morning.

Lastly, I had a wee bit of a breakdown last weekend. After another terrible night sleep with a baby who just has to scream from 2am to 4am most nights- Elise flat out refused to nap after falling asleep for 3 minutes in the car. I lost it. Sobbing into my pillow, hyperventilating - lost it. Later I walked into the guest room (where I sleep to be closer to the nursery) I found my bed made and these notes and coupons from Lydia. "Having a baby can be rough, but leave it to me- let's have a day off!" Included - nap coupon, mani pedi coupon, baby sitting coupon and house cleaning (good for three rooms) coupon. 

How did I get such a wonderful family?

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Alzbeta said...

What a sweet girl you have!

Random question... what color of grey did you use on your wall? We're considering a switch from the green that's currently in our living/dining area to grey (it has to be painted no matter what... the people before us used two different sheens, so it looks awful!)

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