Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm still alive! Just not blogging. Obviously.

This blog is nearing 7 years old and I don't think I've ever had a month between posts. Nothing hugely impactful causing this hiatus. I'm just busy. Busy doing what you ask? Well let me tell you.

(I know you don't really care. But it's my blog. So pretend.)

1. I have three kids.

I don't know how ya'll have like 6 kids and come to church with organized purses and fake lashes and all your kids in matching clothes from Crew Cuts. Three kids is kicking my butt. I love them and honestly, they are really really good kids. But still kicking my butt. Elise, darling, I love you. But you are 9 months old. STOP pooping in the middle of the night and just sleep through already. Mommy's eye concealer isn't that powerful.

(P.S. What's with all the lash extensions? Don't you kind of want to wash them off after a couple days?)

2. When my husband travels, I have nothing telling me to stop working, so I keep folding laundry and watching Sister Wives until 11pm. When my husband is home, he's just so hot and fun, I want to hang out. We celebrated 13 years a couple weeks ago. 13! Tonight we had a date night and saw Godzilla and ate Raisinets. Then he showed me the 4 moons of Jupiter once the kids where asleep. (That's isn't some gross euphemism. He really does likes astronomy.)

3. I have a bird's nest with tiny new babies on my wreath on my front door. This is causing me a lot of stress. It just is.

4. Last month I had like 6 books that I was on wait lists for at the library come in. I keep thinking about the other people waiting to read them, and the anxiety is forcing me to read them at a frightening pace. I'll blog about my book suggestions next month. Unless any of the above mentioned reasons keeps me from doing so.

5. I bought a vintage dress from the 1940's that I desperately want to wear to my husband's Christmas party this year. Dress + 1940's = SMALL. I've been putting in some serious time at the gym to get this post baby bod back to lingerie vintage dress ready. (Dress is prettier in person.)

6. I have instagram. It's easy. (@natssentiments if you want to follow)

7. I really am immensely tired.


These are my excuses. Hopefully I'll get back on this blogging train. I do miss our little chats. (Hey! Let's chat about Sister Wives! That show is so addictive!)

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        P.S. Happy Memorial day!!!! 


Carrie said...

So glad you popped in to say hi, I was starting to worry. :) And fake eyelashes, whaaaat? Those haven't hit the moms in the northeast yet... thankfully. Love that you're keeping it real, Natalie!

Jennifer Bartley said...

I LOVE sister wives!! And since I live here in Vegas (and so do they!) I see Kody ALL THE TIME! He and Mary even came to my office several times because they were working with a mortgage company located in our office suites. I think they're great for being brave enough to have a tv show about their personal life.

And I miss your blogging! Right as I clicked your link in my faves I was thinking I need to comment on IG and ask where you've been! :]

Jessie Jones said...

You are precious, and that dress is gorgeous! I have been in a blogging funk, and just started over with a new one that's more "real life me" if that makes sense! :-)

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