Monday, September 30, 2013

InstaMonday #45

Yesterday we all headed to church for the primary program.
We put band aids on Collin's fingertips to keep him from picking his nose on the stage.
Worked like a charm.

It's been kind of chilly here. Had to bust out the cozy baby clothes and Pendleton blankets.

And cozy booties.

Lydia had her school photos taken.

My mom pulled out this photo of me at the same age to prove that, 
yes, Lydia does look like our side of the family.

I discovered that going through the car wash with my two oldest and a sleeping baby isn't a good idea. 

I also found that my baby and dad have the same beautiful hair style.

And that you don't need cable when you have Puppet American Idol!

Having a sister in law with mad cooking skills is pretty great. 

And its fun to have someone to yard sale with.

What do you think of my new thrifted acquisition? Yay or ney?

Lydia rushes home everyday from school for a little baby time.

Wouldn't you?

Guess what? We've been in Boise three years now! 
We love it here!

Especially our little neighborhood. 
Just look at the cuties that frequent out backyard.

Yep, Colin is wearing pajama pants, his sister's sweater and a tie.
Since having the baby, the kids have had to learn to fend for themselves.

I call that good parenting, 
(i.e. survival mode parenting)

Have had a few bouts with the baby blues. They suck. 
On the last one, Shane made me a spot of of tea, and when I noticed that all the things on the tray had been gifts from him, it cheered me right up. 

Cuddling with Ellie helps too.

Have a great week!

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The Thomas Family said...

Banish those baby reading past blog have a precious precious family and a year from now...she won't be so cuddly! But it's hard when the clouds {gloom} come out.

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

The baby blues are AWFUL!!! I had them BAD. Do WHATEVER you need to do to feel better.

Ellie is so stinkin' precious.

Natalie Jane said...

I know, I'm keeping chocolate on hand!

dristy said...

can't tell how amazing this post is, each n every pic is so full of life just made my day! Ur colorful blog and life helped me a lot to deal with my blue time. I think I'm over those sadness and madness only that I still cry over stupid movies. ridiculous!

I think ur hubby should have a facebook page "how to treat ur wife" and I would make my hubby follow that page (fb page coz he wont read blogs i think, it would be too girly for him haa haa haa).

here in Bangladesh we are blessed to have in laws live with us and help with babies. hats off to u n other ladies who do it all by themselves.

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