Monday, September 9, 2013

InstaMonday #44 - Life Since Baby

A lot has happened in the three weeks since baby Elise has come into our family. 
I discovered this "just born" photo on Shane's phone. I didn't even know that the nurse took it.
Such a sweet moment.

The hospital stay wasn't fun. 
But I was just so grateful I had a beautiful healthy little girl. 

Three days old.
"Wow! The view from Grandma's shoulder is amazing!"

"THIS is the family I was sent to?"

Little make shift changing area in my bedroom.

Lots of gifts for baby.

Even a personalized Pot Pie!

Gifts to cheer me in my recovery.

"Natalie, Just wanted to send you some treats to eat, to help you get better. Maybe practice using your hand by putting a cookie in your mouth over and over. Before you know it, you'll have your hand function back! 
Love Lisa."

Thanks Lisa! My hand function is back. Pretty sure it's because of your cookies!!!

We were so happy to have our family all together finally.

Shane feels it's very important to spend quality time with each child.

Shane always take care of the first bath. It wasn't Ellie's favorite thing.

She woke up with distrust the next morning.

Oh, I do have other kids. 

Collin started pre-school!

Let's celebrate with cupcakes!

I had a birthday. Let's celebrate with cake!

Boise Art at the Park. I went too! 

Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of my mom.
She's saved me.

(That's a balloon sword Lydia is carrying. Just to clarify.)

This is our last baby. I have my family.
It's amazing.

Photos via instagram @natssentiments
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RealHouseWifeOfNOVA said...

beautiful, memorable photos!!! enjoy every minute!!!
(love the clarification on the sword :p )

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I love the first picture so much. What a beautiful angle to capture a beautiful moment!!

dristy said...

After horrible days and nights with my newborn when i visit your blog i feel sooooooo good! your blog makes me think babies are awesome :D well..belated happy birthday

The Thomas Family said...

Impressive time you got to post all that!!! Wow! Soo good to see pics though..and Ellie...cute!

Jennifer Bartley said...

That sword lol, glad you clarified that! :D

Jessie Jones said...

What a precious post! Love that last photo the most! Have a wonderful weekend!

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