Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Milkaholic

It's my birthday tomorrow! I have very little planed. :) A nap, some cake and mexican food. But still, I'm excited. I'm feeling so much better and I just want to have a nice day.

As a little treat for you, in case you missed it on Instagram, here's a 15 second video to make you smile. Compliments of my kids and husband.

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The Thomas Family said...

HILARIOUS! You married some creative material - and your kids play the part in the background so well :) Made me laugh.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

That was fabulous! I love that dads can find ways to entertain themselves and others with their babies!

Cheryl said...

So funny!
I hope you have a great birthday!

pandaandlion said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! Little Elise is so cute!

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