Friday, August 24, 2012

Instafriday #14 - Potty Training 101

This past week has been all about one thing. Potty Training!
I read lots of articles and heard lots of advice and then just kind of did what worked for us. 

My two cents with potty training: you really need to let your child let you know when he is ready. I don't care how much you want to get your kid trained before a certain time, if they aren't ready, it will be a nightmare.

Collin just recently started showing signs he was ready to start, and he turned 3 in May. Instead of making it a slow gradual thing, we went the "Boot Camp" method.

NO pants and no leaving the house for 3 days. Diaper only at night and during naps.

Potty right in the kitchen. Lots and lots of liquids. Lots of potty treats.
LOTS of celebrating.

When we finally did have to go somewhere, we brought the potty with us.

The whole family was on board.

Lydia is explaining why Collin really does need to poop in the potty. And why she is sorry that she can't read to him while he is in the bathroom, because she has to go to first grade. 
Where all the kids poop in the potty.

In just 36 hour Collin had filled up his Potty Chart.
Only two accidents!

Guess who's in underwear now!!!!! 
And girl rain boots just to finish off the look.

So so proud of my little baby boy.

We did a lot of painting during our stay at home boot camp.
It was tough not to leave the house.

I tried my hand at some watercolors.
I'm not good.

Collin earned himself a trip to the local water park with Daddy!

In other news, our NYC recently turned SLC family came to visit.

SUPER COUSINS! (who have a hide out in the back of Shane's truck)

Backyard fireworks and a s'more pit for the cousins. And it's not even 4th of July. 
Shane and I are the best Dad/Mom - Uncle/Aunt ever.

My basil is doing very very well.

My parsley is totally dead.

That's okay, basil is more fun.

Went on a late night bike ride with my friend Robyn. "Bring some cash for a treat", she said. I thought she meant a Slurpee. Somehow we ended up riding to the best italian restaurant in town for spumoni and marionberry tort on the patio. I wish all exercise was this fun!

A sweet morning scene at our house.

Wow. What a loving mother to make her children from scratch muffins with fruit on a picnic blanket. What a lovely way to catch the early hour cool air. Either that or mother is hosting a brunch later and doesn't want said children's grubby little fingers and crumbs all over the freshly mopped floor and the china dishes.

Brunch! One of those joys of being a girl. 

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BeaumontGirl said...

Such a cutie!!!! And my goodness jealous of your basil!!!! So happy I found you, following you :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm brunch!! Looks like a lovely week - totally impressed with your three-day-stay-at-home adventure. Good job!!

Stephanie said...

Precious photos! I love that little hiney in the first one! Too cute!

Dalayna Dillon said...

Congrats on the potty training. I know that is no simple task! Thanks for linking up with Friday Chaos! I am now following. Hope to see you back next Friday to link up again! Have a wonderful weekend. :D

Rachelle said...

you are my hero. i am in potty training hell with my little boy. i'm thinking maybe he is not ready and i need to chill out. dang it. your are awesome!

Amy @ said...

What great pictures! Congrats on potty training - it is the hardest thing in the world! The first time we tried, my daughter wasn't ready & it was, indeed, a nightmare. I tried again a few months later & it finally stuck.

Nicole said...

Stopping by for the first time from Life Rearranged linkup. Love you blog. Kudos to you for potty training in 3 days. I think it takes just as much effort from mom as it does child. Good thing you could celebrate with that yummy dessert.

Unknown said...

Way to go, Collin! Glad potty training is going well!

Unknown said...

whatever that treat it looks amazing!!!

Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

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