Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Art imitates thrift.

I've been wanting to start out my next photo book with the above quote, so I thought I would fancy it up with a pretty snapshot I took. It's just so cute, I may have to frame it for my photo wall. (It's in pretty hi-res in case you want to too. I don't mind.)

Isn't my new little Starflash camera darling? I picked in up yard saling while on vacation. $3 in the box. Still has a unused bulb and unopened film! Serious score. Thrifting is so much more fun when you are searching for specific things.

Personally I look for....

  • Home decor in great shades of yellow and turquoise.
  • Vintage Brooches 
  • Vintage cameras
  • Vintage embroidered handkerchiefs and tableclothes (like the one photographed above that my mom won't give me.)

What do you look for?


Blair said...

Very cute. I love the quote.

Kelly and Liam said...

I went to have your picture printed and it said low resolution. Can you email it to me? Thank you!

Natalie Jane said...

Will do Kelly!

Mommystired said...

Jeans! I love finding well loved jeans that fit beautifully.

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